Helping a friend :)

A girl shows a new kid around the school but in a few days time her friend gets bullied! She helps her friend get the bully away and help him/her to become more confident and become less bullied. Until she starts to find a relationship with her friend!....will they become a couple or just a friend?


2. Helping him with some problems

'Jeez! Your such a slowpoke!' I yell at Louis who is now making his way over here. 'Shut up! I'm new around here so I have no idea where I'm going!' I start cracking up at his words and he looks at me funny and laughs also. After we are done laughing I ask him ' so tell me about yourself!' 'Well.......I have 5 sisters,....ehhhhhhh.......I have no dad......and fave color is red' 'that's it?' '.......Yea.....' Louis looks above me at something I can't see so I turn around and it's bully James.....ugh not him again..... 'What u lookin at dweb?!?' Yells bully James. 'Um........nothing...just uh......talking' Louis says scaredly.  'James back off!! He is new here! Why don't u go pick on someone your own size and who could u actually fight!!' I yell. Bully James growls and walks off madly 'ILL GET U SOMEDAY STYLES!!!' ' I DON'T GIVE A ......!!!!!' I turn around and find Louis looking upset and starring at me. 'Whats wrong?' I scoot over to him. 'N-noting.......I'm fine....' Louis wipes away some tears that fell on his cheeks. 'Hey don't cry.....if ever he gets to u just tell me.... Ill be here for u' I put my arms around him to try and comfort him.  He turns into a hug and cries Alittle.

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