Helping a friend :)

A girl shows a new kid around the school but in a few days time her friend gets bullied! She helps her friend get the bully away and help him/her to become more confident and become less bullied. Until she starts to find a relationship with her friend!....will they become a couple or just a friend?


4. Boyfriend and girlfriend?

A day after Louis comes to the school I find myself in love with him. But I think I should tell him cuz all my friends have a gf or a bf but me. And he also likes me. Walking to school I take out the note he gave me yesterday at lunch. I start reading it 'Claire. It's Louis uhhh....I wanna tell u something.........I LIKE U' I start reading those words over and over again! I like u. I LIKE U. I L-I-K-E YOU.OMG.he likes me. 'Wow. I don't even know what to do! Should I tell him I like him too? Should I not? Should I tell my friends? SHOULD WE DATE???????' Louis comes over to me ' uhhhh....everything ok?' 'U herd that??? Was I talking to loud????? Was I-' he covers my mouth. 'Slow down Claire.....what happened?' I take his hand off my mouth. 'Yea..I mean no...I mean maybe...' I start running to school. 'Cc!!!' I hear Louis's voice way behind me. 'I stop running out of breath and collapsing on the ground. Louis gets  shocked and runs over to me. 'Are u ok??' 'No...can't....breath....' I take out my inhaler from my book bag and take a few puffs. Louis looks at me strangely. 'I have asthma' I tell him 'ohhhhh that makes a lot of sense!' I put my inhaler in my book bag and try to stand up. Louis stands up and he helps me up. 'Thx'' did u get my note?' 'Yea...u gave it to me when u left lunch' 'oh ya' I roll my eves and smile 'and I do like u to! Ur amazing, hansome, u have a beautiful voice, u look verry charming, and u are an amazing friend' I complement him. He blushes so much it looks like his whole body is red. 'Ha! U look like a tomato!' I say while laughing. 'Well that was insulting! And right after u just complimented me! I was gonna complement u' 'NO! I'm sry! Complement meeeeeeeee!!!!! Plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!!!!!' I beg him. 'Ok ok fine!.........ummmm...your name is Claire, your 14-' 'Louis?' 'Yea?' 'Thats not a complement....' He laughs till he can't breath but I just stand there starring him. 'Goodbye boyfriend!' I say as I walk away. He stops laughing and looks at me.'.....boyfriend?' His mouth turns up into a smile. I smile back at him and wave.

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