An unnamed child is put into a coma after an accident from undetermined events. His mind quickly is enveloped with faux rage and fear and he develops an acute stage of psychosis. He feels uncontrollably angry towards his family and his school mates.

Will he find love?


2. Trapped

I sat up. Bolted more like it. Did I sit up? Or was I still lying in bed. I can’t tell. My bed, where is my bed? Where am I? What is happening? WHAT IS GOING ON? My heart, is it still beating? I can’t feel my limbs. My face, is it still white, am I still me? Do I still have my round head and pointed ears? Am I still called an elf at school? Do I still get beat up and come home crying? Am I still, alive?

    I can feel myself being tugged, but is it in my mind, or is it real?. I can no longer tell. A rasping whisper breaks out, screeching and burning in my ears like a nail on chalkboard. “It is only a mild state.” The whisper creeps over my skin like a snake. Ssss. The voice reaches out again, clearer, but less rasping. Possibly a different voice, I cannot tell. “Liar! In this state, if he comes back, he may be worse than when he started, but he will not. He cannot. His mind fights it.” 

    Water trickles over me. Or at least my mind says that is what’s happening. My mind and I are close friends now that we’re all we have. We’ve been in this for minutes, hours, days, weeks, maybe even years! I cannot tell. I refuse to be able to tell time, or anything at all. Maybe I’ve finally taken so much mental and physical abuse that my mind can no longer take the torment, and forced me into believing that I cannot come back. In this state, I am invincible, I can’t feel pain. I am invulnerable, but vulnerable. I don’t feel hunger or thirst. But I am sure that I have already begun to disintegrate. Then, suddenly, one final whisper before my weak and heavy eyes, in my mind they are, slip me into slumber. “Psychosis, a sad thing really… We can’t tell if he is away when he’s awake, or if he’s in.”

    The subtle knocking on the door made me want to get up and answer it, but I wouldn't move. Then there was louder knocking, a banging almost. I felt that if I didn’t open the door, then I would just lay there and decay. Maybe the door was my key back, my key to my home. What is wrong with me? Then my face burned, I felt great for a second, a day at the beach, a nice sun on my face. Just as that melted away, so did my face. I could see myself in third person, floating around. My face just literally melting off to reveal a red  burning inside, and then I awoke. My face still burned, but I touched it to realize it was all in my mind.

    I gasped for air. I felt like I hadn’t breathed in months. Years maybe. It happened again, but there was no burning this time. I escaped my body and floated around, but this time I saw two beings, myself, and my mind, an essence of a being that I cannot describe. I couldn't see him, but I knew he was there. Was it a he? I’m not sure. I just assume it is so. He said a few words to me and then disappeared. From what I could make out,  I heard a distinctly male voice say: “The battle has begun, Zach, you must fight it. You must.” 

    I had never felt so angry in my life in that one moment, but it faded away. I walked towards my living room and said “Hi” to my mom. 

    She lunged for me and hugged me so hard I felt my ribs being crushed. Not literally, but I couldn't breathe for a second, and I hated that feeling. I sunk to the floor and my knees hit the ground hard. My mom all the while was saying: “Oh my baby, my baby.” I left my body and something happened. I felt all the punches and all the insults I had ever had strike me tenfold. I fell onto my face and got back up.

    I slipped into my body again. I still felt detached and separate like I was in someone else’s body, watching what they did around and to me. The body didn’t feel like me. Something changed. I figured it out when my mom walked me into the kitchen. In that moment, I blamed my mom, for giving birth to me, for everything that had ever happened to me. So I turned on her. “You. What did you do to me? I can’t believe I ever trusted you. This is your fault.”

    “Calm down sweetheart. Calm down!” 

    I advanced on her quickly and ferociously like a caged animal that had been trapped for years. I was finally free, and I was getting my revenge. I took my knife, and I plunged it deep into her chest. Time after time after time. Until I was sure that she was dead. Our beautifully painted mural floor was tainted with my mothers blood, and for once in these past few years, I felt happy. Sirens rang out. Paramedics rushed in and I dropped my knife. 

    “I dont know what happened. I woke from my coma and she just lunged at me. I had to do everything to defend myself.” I said, sobbing over my mother’s dead body. With enough time, we will exact our revenge. Just be patient, your father will be home soon after he hears the news...

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