An unnamed child is put into a coma after an accident from undetermined events. His mind quickly is enveloped with faux rage and fear and he develops an acute stage of psychosis. He feels uncontrollably angry towards his family and his school mates.

Will he find love?


1. Silence

The silence continued.


    Breathing slowly, I sat in the back seat of our sedan. I shifted to the left. As I did, a bottle rolled off the seat. It was empty. Had dad been drinking again? I could smell a distinct odor, suggesting the bottle wasn’t old. Certainly he wasn’t drinking tonight. His choice. Whatever. If he crashes he deserves it. 

    I could hear him whispering to himself, not thinking about his words, just slowly garbling gibberish. The words were raspy, and pained my ears. I glanced up from my shoes. His mouth wasn’t moving. The whispers still continued. Getting louder and louder. Stop the car. I said. I didn’t hear anything. Stop the car! This time I was sure I had moved my mouth. I was sure that I had spoken. I looked up. My dad wasn’t moving.

    I looked outside, cars were motionless next to me. Time had stopped. I got out of the car. Something seemed wrong. Headlights were glaring in my face. How could  that be happened. I hadnt turned around, had I? I glanced over at my car on the freeway. My dad was angry. His eyes were red. But that wasn’t the strange part, his car was facing the wrong way. 

    Suddenly, my eyes burst with light. I was back in the car. Blinding lights. All I could see was white. The lights faded. Glass shattered. My arms were burning. I looked down. Red was getting everywhere. My chest burst with pain. Everything hurt. 

    Things calmed down. I thanked god it was over. Another crash came. Launching our small sedan sideways. Rolling end over end. I looked down and saw my legs were impaled. Metal was deeply sunken into my flesh. I screamed but couldnt hear anything. Flames roared everywhere. 

    Horns blared. My legs were searing red. I thought that I had endured so much pain that my body couldn’t take it. I hoped I would go unconscious. I begged to just fall asleep. It was too much. And then I felt nothing. One last smash, resonated through our car, as I was slammed into the side of it. I put my hand to my head, it came away bloody. Finally, my wish came true. 

    A last piece of metal, landed on my already in pain body. I felt nothing again. 

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