When Stars Shine

On a cold dark night. When people with elemental powers called "The Elementals" were discriminated by regular people. So, the Elementals made their own land called the "Hearth of Guardians". Elementals were just like ordinary people but at the age of 16, every elemental has a life changing event. He/she will receive his/her element without him/her making the choice. Either Fire, Water, Earth and Wind. Some were Given the Hidden elements like Light, Lightning, Nature, Ice, etc. When an elemental acquires his/her powers, he/she will be given 16 days to master and train his/her new abilities and be ready for "The Optate". This happens every year when a member of each family is picked by the Magical Council and forced to fight each other to be part of the "Luminates". These are elementals who defend their land from the humans.


3. Rage from within

It has been days since Mr. Smith passed passed away. Mason is still recovering from the thought of that horrible tragedy. I kept reminding him that its almost our birthdays and that we'll have our powers soon. "So this is it. huh." He said. His voice echoing through the halls of the Rift of Enchantment. "I guess so." I answered. "Good luck." He said and flashed a nervous smile on his face. The Rift of Enchantment is a holy place where an individual acquires his/her talent. When he/she reaches the age of 16, he/she is qualified to go to the Rift. This event only happens once a year at the 21st day of March at 9:00 pm. The Rift is like a big circle stadium which has 24 small floating platforms at the outer most part of the Rift that individuals step on to and quickly advances to the center most part of the Rift where 3 blue wisps are waiting to give their talent and emblem. I smiled back at him and the stone doors opened. We stepped out and saw the Rift's bleachers full of people cheering. "Ladies and Gentlemen! May I present to you, this year's future Elementals!" Mr. Pinkler, the Mayor announced. "Candidates! step on the platforms. And good luck". We Stepped on the platforms. Mason and I chose platforms next to each other "Let the acquiring of talents, Begin!" The mayor said. The Rift's Light became dim. Except for Eduardo, who's currently at the center receiving his talent. The wisps spins around him picking him up gently and his back glows. The wisps lower him gently and Eduardo takes his shirt off and sees the fire emblem on his back. It flashes on the gigantic screen floating above us, and the crowd grew wild! This makes me very nervous. Minutes passed by, one candidate after the other until only mason and I are left. My platform was about to advance when a loud explosion startled all of the people in the Rift. My platform stopped moving. I looked at Mason and saw fear and confusion in his eyes. Then bombs start falling from the sky. Chief Colton, the captain of the Luminates, announced that all of the elementals shall fight for the honor of Hearth and those who doesn't have their powers yet should hide in the Bunker. It is like a big basement under the city where all of Hearth's population are safe from all dangers. People ran to the Bunker while the Elementals fought to their death. I didn't know what to do. I was about to pass out when i saw a blurry red light falling towards me. Then someone picked me up to me feet. Mason. "What the hell were you doing?!" He shouted. "I hate Humans." i said with tears coming out of my eyes and saw the red light touched the ground I was standing on awhile ago it exploded. The explosion was so strong that I thought we'll die. This old man, a fire elemental, blocks Mason and I and absorbs the explosion for us. There is no way that that old man survived that kind of explosion. "Nooo!" I shouted. "There is no use!" Mason shouted back. "All of this, Because of the Humans." I answered. My Heart so cold that i couldn't feel anything. But hatred.
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