When Stars Shine

On a cold dark night. When people with elemental powers called "The Elementals" were discriminated by regular people. So, the Elementals made their own land called the "Hearth of Guardians". Elementals were just like ordinary people but at the age of 16, every elemental has a life changing event. He/she will receive his/her element without him/her making the choice. Either Fire, Water, Earth and Wind. Some were Given the Hidden elements like Light, Lightning, Nature, Ice, etc. When an elemental acquires his/her powers, he/she will be given 16 days to master and train his/her new abilities and be ready for "The Optate". This happens every year when a member of each family is picked by the Magical Council and forced to fight each other to be part of the "Luminates". These are elementals who defend their land from the humans.


1. A Glow

On a winter night. the wind so cold and the moon shines bright but no star to be found in the sky. "AHHHHH!" Eleanor yelled. "Just a little more honey." said her husband, Nicholas. And on that moment, there was silence. Not a single sound to be heard until a baby's cry shot out to the whole village. The happy couple had a precious treasure which was a product of their love. "She's Beautiful." said Eleanor. "What shall we call her?" asked Nicholas. "Bliss" answered Eleanor.

Hi! I'm Bliss Johnson. 15 years old. Yeah i know. 1 year left and i'm so excited to get my powers! My mom's element is water and my dad's wind. So I'll be fine getting either of them. I go to Sparks High school. I'm not very close with other people. Actually I only get noticed when I recite in our skills and abilities subject. It's Fun living here on Hearth. Calm, peaceful, and most importantly, we get our powers at 16! How cool is that?! My best friend Mason and I can't wait! we have the same birthdays. December 21. Each elemental has it's own symbol. When you become one, you get a tattoo symbol in random places of your body. My mom has her symbol on her upper left hip and my dad has his symbol on his left wrist.


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