When Stars Shine

On a cold dark night. When people with elemental powers called "The Elementals" were discriminated by regular people. So, the Elementals made their own land called the "Hearth of Guardians". Elementals were just like ordinary people but at the age of 16, every elemental has a life changing event. He/she will receive his/her element without him/her making the choice. Either Fire, Water, Earth and Wind. Some were Given the Hidden elements like Light, Lightning, Nature, Ice, etc. When an elemental acquires his/her powers, he/she will be given 16 days to master and train his/her new abilities and be ready for "The Optate". This happens every year when a member of each family is picked by the Magical Council and forced to fight each other to be part of the "Luminates". These are elementals who defend their land from the humans.


2. A Flare

It was a regular day in Sparks High school. Mr. Heavensberg, our Physics teacher, teaches us in his boring way of teaching again. And by boring way, i mean a whole period of writing on the blackboard. Mrs. Flora, our principal, barges through the door. "Mr. Mason Smith". Mason stands up and gets out of the room. Mason didn't came back to school that day. We still had 3 more subjects before classes ended. I was really getting worried.

As the class ended, I packed my things and rushed to his house. It was so quiet. I knocked on the door and Mrs. Smith opened it. "Is Mason here?" I asked. "His father passed away from an accident awhile ago. He felt really bad when I told him that he ran off." She sobbingly answered. "I'll try to find him". Giving her a big hug. "i'm sorry" I whispered. I ran to the places he might be. The places where he always go to. Like the comic book shop, Cafe and the Candy store but he wasn't there. Then I remembered him saying that when one of us has a problem, he/she will go to our hideout to wait for the other to comfort him/her. It's located at the center of the forest where an oak tree and a sycamore tree Joined together. We built a tree house on it's branches long ago, when we were still kids. And we swore  that only the two of us are the ones allowed to be there and that when we acquire our powers, we will both use them to make this old tree house better.

When I got there, I felt the aura of despair. I climbed the rope ladder that our moms made and saw him curled up at the edge of our tree house. "Hey, You alright?" I asked. "Seriously? Do I look alright?" he stood up and hugged me tightly. i can feel he was  crying because my back was already wet of his tears. "It's okay Mason" I said while tapping his back gently. "I'm not ready to let him go." he said. "No one was." I answered.

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