The Other Pierce

Felicia Faye Pierce is Katherine Pierce's sister. She is 15 and Katherine is 19. They move in with the Salvatore's Katherine develops feelings for the Salvatore brothers. While Katherine spends time with Damon, Felicia spends time with Stefan. Will they find out Katherine's dark secret? Will Stefan and Felicia get caught? Find out in The Other Pierce.


4. Vampire to Human

"Sir I assure you I am not a vampire!" I said a tear escaping my eye.

"I've heard it all I will kill you." He came closer and I was no crying. Damon suddenly came into the room and I ran over to him crying.

"Father she is not a vampire! She gave me vervain when I was compelled!" Damon told him wrapping his fingers around my arm. He took out a bottle pouring it on my arm, no burning.

"Very well but I am watching you." He said before leaving. I broke into tears and Damon told me it was going to be okay. My head was on his lap when I heard a gunshot my head went straight up.

"Did you hear that Damon?" I asked.

"A gunshot." was all he could say. We ran to the window and saw all the vampires in the town being gathered.

"Their going to kill her. Their going to kill Katherine!" I said crying running down the stairs. I ran to the cart where Katherine was held and took her hand.

"Katherine please. I love you don't leave me. Promise me you'll live!" I cried.

"I will I love you too Felicia. I love you hold on to that." I cried tears streaming down my face. I walked away then saw Damon and Stefan unlocking the cage and saw their father shoot them.

"YOU'RE OWN SONS HOW DARE YOU!" I screamed slapping his face. I ran to Stefan.

"I love you Stefan." I kissed his cheek then went to Damon and kissed his cheek. I cried and cried when Emily told me to come over. I dragged their bodies handing her Damon and we walked over to a secluded place. I tear rolled down my cheek.

"They'll wake up soon." Emily told me.

"How." I asked but then it came to me. Katherine's blood. Oh hell no.

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