The Other Pierce

Felicia Faye Pierce is Katherine Pierce's sister. She is 15 and Katherine is 19. They move in with the Salvatore's Katherine develops feelings for the Salvatore brothers. While Katherine spends time with Damon, Felicia spends time with Stefan. Will they find out Katherine's dark secret? Will Stefan and Felicia get caught? Find out in The Other Pierce.


1. The Arrival

"Hello Ms. Pierce." Stefan said kindly.

"Please call my Katherine." My sister Katherine insisted. She smiled at Damon and batted her long dark eyelashes.

"And hello Felicia!" Damon said still gawking at Katherine.

" I'm sorry but it seems you are far more interested in my older sister!" I laughed. Katherine blushed and Stefan snickered. The boys where playing football and Katherine then became interested.

"May I play?" Katherine asked a little pout forming on her lips.

"That would be lovely but Damon here likes to play a little rough." Damon laughed smiling at me.

"I play rougher." Katherine winked grabbing the ball and running off. They both chased her trying to grab her but failing.

I walked upstairs taking a quick bath with a lemon scented gel. I combed my thick brown curly hair and put it up with a satin bow. I put on my overalls and slipped on my old shoes. I walked downstairs and saw Damon sitting alone. He perked up seeing me and curved his lips into a smile.

"Where are Stefan and Katherine?" I asked sitting down.

"In his bedroom." He said.

"And that doesn't bother you? That's disgusting i"ll be right back!" I walked up to Stefan's knocking on his door. No answer. I walked in seeing Katherine's eyes red and her leaning into his neck.

"KATERINA PETROVA!" I yelled making them both turn around.

"How dare you, you are becoming Klaus." I spat tears stinging my eyes.

"Felicia I can explain!" She said blood dripping from her mouth.

"NO." I stormed out without a word.

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