The Other Pierce

Felicia Faye Pierce is Katherine Pierce's sister. She is 15 and Katherine is 19. They move in with the Salvatore's Katherine develops feelings for the Salvatore brothers. While Katherine spends time with Damon, Felicia spends time with Stefan. Will they find out Katherine's dark secret? Will Stefan and Felicia get caught? Find out in The Other Pierce.


5. Present

I got dressed for the first day of Mystic Falls High School. I was a very powerful witch so when I turned 18 I decided to slow down my ageing. Stefan and I have become the best of friends. We moved here to know the doppelganger. Her name was Elena Gilbert. I put on some blue skinny jeans, black and white sweater, leather jacket and sneakers. Zach has been kind enough to let us stay here. Damon don't get me started. He turned off his humanity and went on a 'killing spree' as I called it. Not as bad as Stefan's ripper side.

"Stefan! Hurry up!" I screamed from my room. My brown curly hair was slicked back in a ponytail.

"I'm READY hurry up and eat." He screeched from downstairs. I chuckled and grabbed an apple. I gave Zach a hug.

"Remember if he gets out of control you know what to do." He said seriously.

"He won't trust me." I sighed getting in the car. We got there really fast and I walked with Stefan to get us the papers. He compelled the woman. I turned around and saw two girls. One was short with chocolate skin and black curly hair the other was Elena the doppelgänger. I waved and she smiled then glanced at Stefan. I mouthed 'You like him?' and she mouthed 'I don't know him' I smirked then pushed Stefan around and Elena became red in the face.

"Stefan meet girl. Girl meet Stefan!" I smiled running away. I ran then bumped into a blonde guy. I was on top of him and he was under me. I just stayed there awkwardly for like ten seconds when I realized I was on him. I got up helping him up.

"I'm sorry I wasn't looking." I laughed.

"No problem. I'm Matt." He smiled flirtatiously.

"I'm new. Oh uh I mean I'm Felicia." I said.

"You need anyone to show you around?" He asked. I nodded and he put an arm around my waist. It felt weird but shrugged it off. He took me to History with Mr. Tanner.

"Hello Everyone this is Felicia and Stefan they are new here." Mr.Tanner said. All the guys looked at me a few of them whistling. I smiled and sat down in an empty seat.

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