The Other Pierce

Felicia Faye Pierce is Katherine Pierce's sister. She is 15 and Katherine is 19. They move in with the Salvatore's Katherine develops feelings for the Salvatore brothers. While Katherine spends time with Damon, Felicia spends time with Stefan. Will they find out Katherine's dark secret? Will Stefan and Felicia get caught? Find out in The Other Pierce.


6. History with Tanner

"Class we will be doing an assignment on Vampires. Now pair up." I shuddered at the word. Vampires. Long sharp ivory fangs blood smeared on their faces. I was shaken by a blonde girl wearing a blue dress.

"I'm Caroline do you need a partner!" She practically screamed. I laughed.

"Sure I'm Felicia." I smiled.

"Don't you think vampires are hot? Oh I love Edward!" She blabbered on as I day dreamed. The bell rang and we went our different ways. Many periods past and it was lunch I walked around looking for a table. I sat down alone eating the school lunch. I took a munch of my pizza while reading Looking for Alaska. I heard someone sit next to me. I turned around to see Matt and some other jocks.

"Hey." I smiled continuing my book.

"Just a hey?" He pouted. He looked adorable. I chuckled ruffling his hair.

"You were right she is hot!" A boy with side swept brown hair said. I laughed.

"Shut up!" He hushed. I laughed and he gave me his number walking away. I stare at it sighing and then crumble it shooting it in my pocket. The day was so long but the final bell rung and I ran into Stefan's car.

"Did *pant you *pant get her *pant* number?" I asked out of breath.

"Wow how smooth Felicia. I'm meeting her at The Grill with her friends. Want to come?" He asked.

"Nah I'm tired. And I really want to try out some new spells." I smiled. He shook his head slowly laughing. I ran into the house pouring a drink. Stefan left for the Grill. Someone was in the room. I turned to see- DAMON? 

"Oh my gosh DAMON!" I screamed dropping the glass. I hugged him more like a tackle and I swear I could hear him sniff my hair.

"Aren't you sexy today." He smirked looking at me up and down. I rolled my eyes.

"That's all you have to say? You have really changed. And remember your still obsessed with my sister eh?" I told more than asked. He grabbed my head smashing his lips on mine. I struggled to get out of the grip. It was more rough then sweet. He let me go and I blinked a few times. I slapped him across the face.

"BITCH!" I screamed.

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