Campus Nerd

Chloe is just an ordinary girl more like a nerd actually who fell in love with the most popular boy on campus.. This is Chloe's story.


2. Wake up!!.


 "wake up sleepy head!! wake up!! it's first day of school! i'm really excited right now and i don't wanna be late! wake up!"

 Said  Samantha.

 Chloe's P.o.v

  She's Samantha Lawrell, she's a type of girl that no guy can resist, she has a blond curly hair more like Taylor Swift style, Blue eyes and she's really good in fashion. She's really beautiful.but unlike the other girls Samantha is the nicest person I've known, no wonder she's my Best Friend :)

We're best friends since the 3rd grade. And now, we are finally in college! we took the same course and we choose ( Education), and luckily we're roommates.  

 "comm'on Chloe! wake up! wake up! " she whined while jumping on my bed.

" uhgg.. i'm still sleepy! " i mumbled.

" Time to get up! get up! it's time to get up ! " she said still jumping on my bed.

 "uhhg.. alright, !" i mumbled

" that's my girl " she teased


 I got up of bed then quickly went to the bathroom to take a shower. after that i dried my self up then blow dry my brown hair, i opened my closet and i put on my cloths , i'm not really good in fashion. i wear my jeans and a white fit shirt then i put on my sneakers. then i put on my huge nerdy glasses and a hat.

While on the other hand Samantha wears her best outfit. she looks stunning. while i look nerdy.


" so what's for breakfast? " i asked

" i made pan cakes " she smiled

" Yum.. yey,, good thing you know how to cook " i giggled.

" yup, or else your be starving by now " she teased and laugh..

" shut up " i mumbled and smiled.




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