Campus Nerd

Chloe is just an ordinary girl more like a nerd actually who fell in love with the most popular boy on campus.. This is Chloe's story.


3. :P


 " After Breakfast "

After breakfast we drove our way to school using Samantha's car.

" Here we are " she smiled.

" So, what time is your first subject? " she asked

" 8:15 " i replied " oh no its 8: 10 you are 5 minutes late. i told you to wake up early. " she said

 " enough chit chat gotta go, see ya " i quickly get off the car

" My class will be over at 8:oo pm so Don't bother waiting for me okay? bye Bff " she yelled and smiled.

" Bye Bff!! " i replied and smiled back .


while i'm on my way i quickly checked my schedule and wonder what time will my last subject end.

" 7:00 pm Basic Math for 1st year "  

 " what?? aargg.. why does it has to be math !? " i mumbled

with out noticing my way where i'm going i accidentally bump on someone, and drop my books and i'd on the floor.


* ouch *

 " ooops! sorry miss, i'm not watching where i'm going " said the person i bump with.

 " oh.. no.. it's my fault , i didn't notice where i'm going " i said while getting my books that drooped on the floor.



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