Campus Nerd

Chloe is just an ordinary girl more like a nerd actually who fell in love with the most popular boy on campus.. This is Chloe's story.


6. Niall's P.o.v :)


 Niall's P.o.v

I was walking through the hall way while texting, when suddenly i bump on someone.

i quickly apologized to her then i helped her collect her staff, then she stared at me. 

my  heart started to beat fast, then i looked into her eyes, she was beautiful.

i can't stop my self looking at her eyes, its like she  cast me a spell or something.

then i told her how cute she was so she started to blushed. the next thing i know she hurriedly run through the hall way. 

 " she's adorable! " i smirk

then i look on the floor and i saw her ID, she probably dropped this together with her books, 

i grab the ID and i saw her Picture, her name is Chloe Brillantes..  and it made me smile.

then i heard my phone rings, a call from harry.. 



" yeah? " i answered. " where are you lad? " harry asked

" i'm coming man ,coming! " i said. " hurry up little leprechaun! " he teased

" Aargg.. shut up " i said sarcastically. i heard liam and zayn laugh on the phone.


i finally arrived in our hang out place


 " where have you been man?" Zayn asked

" i was on my way when i bump on someone " i said

" is't a chick ?" harry mumble

 and they all teased me.. calling me leprechaun in love

it kinda pissed me up but i just rolled my eyes and smirk.

 i can't actually tell but am i in love?


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