Campus Nerd

Chloe is just an ordinary girl more like a nerd actually who fell in love with the most popular boy on campus.. This is Chloe's story.


4. love at fist bump?


* ouch *

 " ooops! sorry miss, i'm not watching where i'm going " said the person i bump with.

 " oh.. no.. it's my fault , i didn't notice where i'm going " i said while getting my books that drooped on the floor.

  Then i look up to him, is this real? can it be? gosh it's Niall Horan one of the popular boys in the whole campus .

i look in to his eyes,hes gorgeous blue eyes caught my attention. i stared it for a while and he smiled.

then my face started to turn red,

" your cute when you blush " he said and smiled.

i try to hide my face and look down to the floor then continue grabbing all my staff, he move next to me and helped me collect it. i fell awkward with him .


" here you go " he said. while passing my stuff to me.

" thanks ' i said. " wow.. you're cute " he smirk

" oh no i'm late. thanks anyway, bye " i smiled a little then hurriedly went to my first subject.

Chloe's P.o.v 

Finally i'm here, i'm so glad that i wasn't late, that was a relief.. 

then i sat down to my seat near the window where i can see a view from out side.

the professor  wasn't here yet so i had time to relax, 

i can't help thinking what just happened earlier, he's face keeps appearing in my mind the way he smiled and how he's eyes sparks.

i shook my head a little and breath deeply.


then the class started.


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