Campus Nerd

Chloe is just an ordinary girl more like a nerd actually who fell in love with the most popular boy on campus.. This is Chloe's story.


7. It's him.

Chloe's P.O.V

 Finally my last subject in math is done, i'm so exhausted!!

those numbers are killing me !? i can't stand listening to all those topics, Why does it has to be so hard! it's like it's my weakness math! -_-

            It's 7:30 p.m since my class is over, i'm on my way back to the apartment, Gezz! it's kinda scary walking alone in the side walk, it's dark and its look like i'm the only person here.. 

as i walk i saw a car passing in the way it looks like ?

" Niall ?? " i mumbled, i quickly hide behind the bushes.  

              I saw niall w/ his friends , zayn malik, Louis tomlinson, Harry Styles,  Liam payne. The five of them are the most popular boys in campus, they  are known as "Campus Heart rub" Every girls in school are so obsessed w/ them .

             *hiding behind the bushes* Wait what!? @_@   Why am i hiding? tss.. oh never mind!


After that embarrassing "Hiding in the bushes for no reason moment??" i continue to walk home.



A/N : Sorry 'bout that, that was pretty boring haha

       i can't think of something yet 

       i'll make it better nxt time :D

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