Mission: Disaster

I'm almost just like any other normal girl in the world- except, not quite. I make mistakes. Waaay too many. And once, it almost cost me my life. The other reason? Because I'm a secret agent. I work for the BWS, or the British Welfare Society. I have recently been assigned as an undercover make-up artist, and seduce my way into finding out the truth. I just need to make sure I don't mess up this time, or I could die for sure, this time. But it's going to be really hard, considering the fact that it's one direction, I'm feeling with.


1. Leaving the USA

Alex's POV

         "Celeste, is my bag ready?" I absolutely CANNOT be late, or I'll miss my flight. I know I work for Britian, but my last mission was in the USA. I had most of my belongings packed, already, but there was still so much to be done! I checked my watch for the fifth time in five minutes. 5:15 a.m. Honestly, I hate getting up so early, just for a flight. But this was very important. This is my last chance to redeem myself after my near death experience in this last case. "CELESTE!" I shouted. Celeste is going to accompany me on this one. Boss's orders. I don't really mind, I mean, Celeste is hilarious. Definitely sister material.

         "Yeah, yeah! It's ready! I don't see why you pack at the last minute. You always go nuts!" Thank you, captain obvious!  The problem is, I had to go to a meeting yesterday! Okay, more like a little reunion with my friend, Brittney. She moved here a couple years back, and I miss her to bits. With one big push on my suitcase, I zipped it up and bolted down the stairs.

          "Celeste, I need you to put these in the car for me, I have to get a two more smaller ones," I said, handing her the suitcases. "Thanks, you're a darling!" I ran back upstairs, scanning every inch of the hotel for any missed belongings. Good, nothing's left. I grabbed my bags and ran into the taxi.

         Pretty soon, we arrived at the airport. While our bags were getting checked, I was fixing my hair the best I could with one hand, a mirror in the other. "Ma'am, I'm afraid you have some-" I shouted him my badge and he nodded. "Sorry, enjoy your flight!" God, all I had was a Razer in the shape of a pen! Celeste and I walked into the plane and took our seats. Before I knew it, we were up and soaring.

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