Dont Let Me Go *ON HOLD*

When Cassie finds out she has cancer Harry's whole world turns upside down.
"Don't let me go" she said gripping my hand tighter.
"Never babe." I said tears filling my eyes as I kissed her soft hand.


6. Just not the same...

Harry's P.O.V

Its been one year since Cassie died.. That means Darcy is one years old today,

"HIYA!!!" The boys said as they walked into the door and ran to Darcy picking her up and passing her around.

"LiLi!!" Darcy yelled hugging Liam.

"Hey love!" Liam said kissing Darcy on the forehead. They were very close.

"She can say 'LiLi' but not 'Lou'!" Louis said crossing his arms and pouting. He could be such a baby some times.

"Hey man how are you holding up lately?" Liam asked putting one hand on my shoulder.

"I don't know man it's like she's still here. I can feel her with me." I said getting chills all through my body.

"That's just because you miss her man." He said walking away to go see Darcy. I know I sound crazy but she is still here. I can hear her and feel her all the time everywhere around me. Am I going insane??

A/N: hey guys I'm so sorry I haven't updated in a love time!!! I've been super busy but I will try to update tomorrow!! I love you guys!!!! <3

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