Dont Let Me Go *ON HOLD*

When Cassie finds out she has cancer Harry's whole world turns upside down.
"Don't let me go" she said gripping my hand tighter.
"Never babe." I said tears filling my eyes as I kissed her soft hand.


4. Cassie or Baby (Part 2)

Harry's P.O.V

"The bad news is that Cassie might not make it through the delivery.." The nurse said with a depressed look on her face.

"No... NO NO NO!!!! SHE CANT LEAVE ME.. she can't.." I yelled as I fell to the floor putting my hands over my eyes and crying.

"But you have a choice Mr.Styles. We can either give Cassie an abortion or Have her deliver but possibly die."

"So your telling me that I have to choose between my baby and my girlfriend?" I asked horrified.

"I'm sorry Mr.styles but that is our only two options." She said with a straight face then walked away quietly. I sat there for 30 minutes doing nothing but crying until I heard my phone ring. It was Liam.

"Hello?" I sniffled.

"Harry? Are you ok?" He asked sounding concerned.

"No I just found out that I'm having a baby bu-" I cried not being able to finish my sentence.

"But what Harry come on tell me mate."

"Cassie might not make it through delivery and I only have two choices. Either abort the baby and save Cassie or have her go the through birth and possibly die.." I cried even harder that I was before not knowing it was possible to cry this much.

"Omg.." Was all he could say before i heard cries any the end of the other line.


9 Months Later

Cassie's P.O.V

There was no way in hell I was letting my baby get aborted, so I kept it knowing that I will die. I mean we all die at some point.. My death was just coming sooner than others. I had a week until I was due to delivery my baby girl. Harry insisted on naming her Darcy. He absolutely adores that name.

"Babe do you wanna go out?" He asked smiling that cheeky smile that I would miss so much, but I know our baby girl will love it.

"Of course!" I said and gently got up and walked to the car. When we got into the car Harry put on the radio and our song came on. All About Us by He Is We. Half way through the song I started feeling a sharp pain in my stomach then water go down my leg..

"Harry it's time."

A/N: Hey guys so I hope you like this story so far let me now in the comment section and I will update tomorrow! Bye lovelies <3

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