Dont Let Me Go *ON HOLD*

When Cassie finds out she has cancer Harry's whole world turns upside down.
"Don't let me go" she said gripping my hand tighter.
"Never babe." I said tears filling my eyes as I kissed her soft hand.


3. Cassie or Baby (Part 1)

Harry's P.O.V

It's all my fault! If I didn't make her walk that far she wouldn't be in the hospital right now.

"Fuck!" I yelled and punched the plain white hospital wall as I fell to the floor.

"Harry.." Cassie said opening her eyes. I ran over to her and called the nurse.

"I was actually just coming to see you." The nurse smiled

"Mr. Styles can I talk to you for a moment out in the hall?" The nurse asked with concern on her face.

"Sure. I'll be right back babe." I said looking at Cassie then walking out the door following the nurse.

"Ok I have good and bad news." She said.

"Can I have the good news first?" I said not being able to take any more bad news.

"Cassie Is pregnant!" She said and sorta smiled.

"IM GONNA BE A FATHER!!!!" I yelled jumping up and down thinking there could be no possible bad news. But there was.

"The bad news is.."

A/N: Cliffhanger!! Lol sorry for the short chapter btw I will be posting another one later on today so stay tuned :)

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