Kidnapped By Vampires? (Louis Tomlinson Love Story)

A hand covered my mouth. It started pulling me into a room. I tried kicking and screaming but they wouldn't budge. Once we were in the room I noticed four other boys. But not just any boys, the boys of One Direction. Next thing I know I'm pinned up against a wall by the one and only Louis Tomlinson. I tried to push him away but he wouldn't budge. Instead he just chuckled and said

"Don't even try love,”

*This is the first book of the kidnapped by vampires series. Seeing as I wrote this when I was in seventh grade I would like to point out this story does have a lot of grammar and spelling mistakes. So please don't try and point them out because I am well aware of them. Nonetheless, I hope you enjoy the story!*


7. Chapter 7

                                                                        Chapter 7

Liam opened the door to revel a room. This room has purple and white walls a king sized bed, a desk, flat screen TV, and two doors which I assumed lead to the closet and bathroom.

“Do you like it?” Harry asked. I shook my head and the smile vanished from their faces.

“I don’t like it, I love it!” I exclaimed and a smile spread across their faces.

“I’m hungry,” Niall whined, which I’m not surprised that boy is always hungry. He eats more than me, and that says a lot.

“I think we all are,” Harry replied to him.

“Can we have Nandos please!!!” Niall begged.

“What’s Nandos?” I asked making Niall gasp.

“You don’t know what Nandos is?!?!” I shook my head.

“No, what’s Nandos?”

“Only the best restaurant ever! Liam we have to take Jaelyn to Nandos can we go please?!” Niall begged. Liam sighed.

“Ya, we can go but you have to disguise yourself," I nodded my head.

“I think I have a wig in my closet,” Louis said. I gave him a weird look.

“Why do you have a wig in your closet?” I asked him confused.

“Its Eleanor’s,” I just nodded my head and followed him up the stairs. He handed me a brown wig and I slid it over my blonde hair.

“Here, you might want these,” he said, handing me colored contacts and I put the green contacts over my blue eyes. I looked in the mirror and saw a completely different person, which I guess was the point. I walked down to the living room where the boys were waiting and we headed out to the car. The ride there was pretty silent, a little small talk here and there. We soon pulled up to a building. The building had a bright sign that read Nandos, Niall immediately jumped out of the car and ran towards the building. I got out of the car, taking in my surroundings. This is the first time I’ve been outside since I tried to run away. I felt a hand grab my wrist lightly. I looked over to see it was Louis, probably to keep me from running. Which I wouldn’t, not now anyways. We walked inside and the smell of chicken hit my noise. A girl with makeup caked on her face and overly tight clothes walked over to our table.

“Hi, my names Miranda and I will be your waitress what can I get you,” she said winking at Louis. I felt anger boil in me, but why? Do I like Louis? No, that’s crazy they kidnapped me, I can't like one of my kidnappers, besides he has a girlfriend. All the boy’s ordered and she was about to walk away.

“Um, excuse me. What about me?” I asked sassily she just rolled her eyes.

“Why do you guys even hang out with this slut?” she said scuffing and I swear I saw Louis' eyes flash red.

“Please hun, you clearly haven’t looked in the mirror lately," I told her sassily and once again she rolled her eyes,

“What do you want?" she asked rudely.

“I will just take water," she just rolled her eyes walking away. As soon as she walked away all the boys except Liam started bursting out laughing. Liam just gave me a look but I could tell he wanted to laugh. Oh joy queen of the sluts is back, oh and look she put more makeup on making her look sluttier if possible. I heard Louis stifle a laugh clearly reading my mind and the boys starred at me suspiciously. I just smiled innocently at them. She slid us our drinks, sliding mine a little rougher obviously trying to knock it down but Louis caught it just in time causing her to glare at me. I don’t think she likes me 

very much. As we were leaving I 

grabbed a pitcher of water off a waiter's 
tray and dumped it on her. 
"Think twice before calling me a slut" I told her, before being dragged out by Liam.


You guys are unbelievable! I'm absolutely shocked by all the amazayn reviews on this story. So, thank you so, so, so, so much for all your amazayn support!  

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