Kidnapped By Vampires? (Louis Tomlinson Love Story)

A hand covered my mouth. It started pulling me into a room. I tried kicking and screaming but they wouldn't budge. Once we were in the room I noticed four other boys. But not just any boys, the boys of One Direction. Next thing I know I'm pinned up against a wall by the one and only Louis Tomlinson. I tried to push him away but he wouldn't budge. Instead he just chuckled and said

"Don't even try love,”

*This is the first book of the kidnapped by vampires series. Seeing as I wrote this when I was in seventh grade I would like to point out this story does have a lot of grammar and spelling mistakes. So please don't try and point them out because I am well aware of them. Nonetheless, I hope you enjoy the story!*


19. chapter 19


 chapter 19                                                                                                                                          


It’s been about a month since our little affair with Jasper. Since then nothing big has really happened. We replaced everything that had been broken and fixed everything that had needed to be fixed. I have finally accepted the fact that I’m never leaving. Plus, the police already declared me dead. Do I miss my family? Yes, and I would do anything to see them again. But, I've accepted my fate. Plus, why should I just mope around and be sad all the time and make my life more miserable than it already is? And anyways, it’s not really that bad here. I mean sure I have to follow rules like a five year old, And ya, I’m not aloud to leave the house without one of the boys, but besides that it’s not that bad. They could do worse like beat me or something.

“We have an award show to go to tonight, so you’re going to be here by yourself for a few hours,” Liam said walking into my room.

“I want to go,” I whined.

“I don’t know, Jea. There’s going to be a lot of reporters ther-” he started to say before I cut him off.

“Please!!! I’ll disguise myself! I’ll even wear that stupid wig,” I begged. I heard Liam sigh.

“Fine. You can come, but you have to disguise yourself, I don’t want people getting suspiscious,” he explained. I nodded my head quickly. I heard him chuckle as he walked out of my room.

“Hey! You weren’t the one locked in a house for a month so I don’t want to hear it!” I huffed. I got up and walked towards my closet to find something to wear, but I found absolutely nothing. I groaned before walking into Liam's room.

“Liam I have nothing to wear,” I complained.

“I figured you’d say that. I asked Dani to bring something over for you,” he explained. Dani? Who’s Dani?

“Uh, Liam, who’s Dani?” I asked confused.

“Oh right, Dani’s my girlfriend” he explained. Oh, ok that makes since. I heard the doorbell go off and I heard one of the boys answer the door. Then a very pretty girl with curly brown hair walked into the room. And when I say she’s pretty, I mean gorgeous.

“Hi! You must be, Jealyn, I’m Danielle, but you can call me Dani” she introduced. I smiled at her.

“Ya, I’m Jealyn nice to meet you,” I responded.

“Great! You’re even prettier than I thought!” she gushed, causing me to blush.

“Thanks” I said shyly. Suddenly I was being dragged out of the room. I turned back to Liam and mouthed ‘Help me!’ He just chuckled slightly and shook his head. As soon as Dani shoved me into my room and shut the door she turned to me.

“Alright, let's get to work,” she said with determination in her voice. Oh dear gosh, what did I get myself into? Is it to late to back out?

“I have the most absolute, perfect dress for you!” she squealed as she pulled out the most beautiful dress I have ever seen. I could feel my jaw drop to the floor at the sight of it.

“Oh my gosh, it’s beautiful!” I gushed out.

“Well it’s yours,” she replied. I stared at her wide eyed.

“Mine? No no no, I can’t take this from you,” I said shocked.

“Hun please, it suits you more than it ever did me, now go try it on!” she replied, shoving me into the bathroom. I quickly slipped the dress on before walking out of the bathroom and back into my room. As soon as I stepped foot into the room Danielle’s jaw dropped.

“You look amazing,” she gushed.

“Thanks,” I muttered. 

After both me and Dani finished getting ready we headed down stairs. As soon as the boys saw us their jaws dropped. 

“You look amazing," Louis managed to get out. I could feel my cheeks start to heat up.

“Aw, look guys she’s blushing!” Harry said, causing my cheeks to heat up more as I glared at him. I jumped at the sound of the doorbell going off and I turned to one of the boys to answer it. Zayn ended up answering it and he returned with two beautiful girls. One of the girls had long brown wavy hair, that went a little past her shoulders. The other girl had blonde slightly wavy hair that goes just past her shoulders. The brown haired girl immediately ran to Louis and engulfed him in a huge hug. I felt a pang of jealousy at the sight of it, but why? I don’t like Louis as anything other than a friend. Besides he would never love me, he’s clearly in love with this girl. And who am I to stand in the was of that.

“You must be Jealyn. Hi I’m Eleanor, Louis' girlfriend,” the brown haired girl said breaking me from my thoughts. I gave a slight smile, before nodding.

“Hi,” I said shyly. As you can tell, I'm not good at meeting new people. The blonde haired girl suddenly stepped forward.

“Hi! I’m Perrie, Zayn’s girlfriend, it’s great to finally meet you! The boys never shut up about you!” she exclaimed. I felt my cheeks heat up once she said that.

“It’s nice she meet you to,” I said shyly, hoping the blush on my cheeks aren't noticable. But with my luck, it probably is.

“Guys! The limo's here we have to go!” Liam said ushering everyone outside. I felt someone's hand slip into mine, as I looked over I noticed it was Harry. They probably don’t trust me not to run, I wouldn’t blame them, I guess. Soon we were all seated in the limo and we started making our ways towards the award shows. But as we started making our ways there, I couldn’t help but feel like something is going to go wrong, but what?

Here's chapter 19! This was more of a filler type thing, but get ready for some more drama to kick in.


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