Kidnapped By Vampires? (Louis Tomlinson Love Story)

A hand covered my mouth. It started pulling me into a room. I tried kicking and screaming but they wouldn't budge. Once we were in the room I noticed four other boys. But not just any boys, the boys of One Direction. Next thing I know I'm pinned up against a wall by the one and only Louis Tomlinson. I tried to push him away but he wouldn't budge. Instead he just chuckled and said

"Don't even try love,”

*This is the first book of the kidnapped by vampires series. Seeing as I wrote this when I was in seventh grade I would like to point out this story does have a lot of grammar and spelling mistakes. So please don't try and point them out because I am well aware of them. Nonetheless, I hope you enjoy the story!*


15. chapter 15

                                                                         Chapter 15

“What could possibly be blocking her thoughts? There has never been a block so strong you couldn’t break it!” Harry exclaimed.

“I know, like I told you I have no clue what could be blocking it,” Louis replied frustrated. Incase you hadn’t noticed already, I’m currently sitting on my bed watching these two idiots argue over what could possi
 bly be blocking my thoughts. But hey, I’m perfectly fine with Louis not being able to read my thoughts.

“You know I can still read them,” Louis said, reading my thoughts.

“Hey! Stop reading my mind,” He just chuckled.

“What’s the fun in that?” He told me, I just rolled my eyes at him and went back to attempting to figure out why Louis can't read my mind.

‘Your friends are never going to figure it out’ the mystery dude's voice said in my head.

‘What do you mean by that?” I asked.

‘I mean they're never going figure out why they can't read your mind’ I just rolled my eyes.

“Do you have a name? I’m sick of calling you mystery dude,” I asked him.

‘That’s not important right now’ he said.You know, I’m kind of getting sick of that response.

“That’s what you say every time so when is the ‘right time’?’ I asked. 

‘Soon love soon’ another answer I’m sick of hearing.

“Fine, then I’m calling you, Steve,” I said firmly. He chuckled.

“Why, Steve?” he asked.

“Well, you won't tell me your name and Steve is a cool name,” I stated.

“Right,” he replied then my stomach growled kind of loudly. The boys turned to me.

“Are you hungry love?” Harry asked and I nodded.

“Ya, just a little,” I said, he chuckled.

“Come on, I’ll get you something to eat,” I hoped off my bed and followed Harry downstairs and sat on one of the barstools by the counter.

“What do you want?” Harry asked, I shrugged my shoulders.

“Surprise me,” I replied and he nodded. Five minuets later he sets a bowl of chicken flavored Roman Noodles in front of me. I immediately grab the bowl and start shoving Roman Noodles in my mouth.

“Thank you,” I said with noodles shoved in my mouth. He just shook his head before walking up the stairs.

‘Sweet boy isn’t he?’ Steve asked me in my head.

“Eh, he’s Harry but I love him anyways’ I replied shrugging my shoulders.

“It would be a shame if something were to happen to him,” he said darkly. Then an image pops into my mind. It's foggy but I can see we're in some kind of forest. Then the fog starts to clear and I see a figure on the ground. I walk closer to it and as I walk closer I can make out curly hair. I gasped when I realized it was Harry. He’s lying on the ground in a puddle of blood gasping for air weakly. I see a wooden stake in his heart. I quickly ran over to him and dropped to my knees.

“H-harry,” I stuttered out.

“J-jealyn,” he stuttered weakly.

“I-I love you,” he stuttered before he’s eyes shut for good.

“NO HARRY! COME ON! WAKE UP! DON’T LEAVE ME!” I screamed but he never woke up. I heard a dark chuckle from behind me. I turned around to see the same dark figure hidden in the corner. I felt my blood boil. 

“WHAT DID YOU DO!?” I screamed at him. He chuckled.

“Now, now there’s no need to scream, now is there?” he replied darkly.

“YOU KILLED ONE OF MY BEST FRIENDS!” I screamed. My mind shifted back into reality and I immediately ran up the stairs into Harry’s room to see him on his bed. I ran over to him and hugged him.

“Don’t ever leave me!” I exclaimed. He wrapped his arms around me.

“Sh sh, it's ok I’ll never leave you I promise,” he soothed. What is wrong with me? Why do I keep having these dreams, they seem so real? I could feel warm, salty tears fall down my face just thinking about all the nightmares. What’s wrong with me? Can anyone tell me?


A/N Talk about drama right? Anyways I wanted to give a big thanks to all my readers and supporters. Without you guys this story wouldn't be where it is today. So, thank you so,so,so,so much!!!!! I love you guys! <3

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