The Cronichles of the Sun, Moon, and Chaos Book One: Chaos, Death, and Sky

Long ago, before man even came to be, there were nine crowns and nine holders of each. But there was a time when the holders lost the crowns and disappeared without any signs. Now in the present day, three teenagers will embark on a quest so great, that not even Michale Bay can make a movie out of it.


1. Prologe: The Legend That Began it All

     Many moons and suns ago, before the world that we know today lived, there were nine rulers of the world. Each had there own crown full of great power and magic inside. Each crown controlled a certain element, and with all nine in power, an even greater force could be unleashed. 

      For many years the world was at peace until the dark force known as the Titans tried to take control the world and overthrow the nine rulers. Each ruler fought till their dying breath, but all the crowns were sent away and relocated, masking the power that they each give of, so that a Titan could not find the crowns.

     During the great battle, three gods decided to stay out of the fighting and go into hiding, due to the belief of a prophecy that may generations from now, the offspring of the nine rulers would come together and rise up to end all evil in the world and bring order once again.

     For some, it was to late to turn to peace and go into hiding. Many of the rulers survived, but had to go into hiding along side the others.

      After that day, the world was controlled by the Titans until they were brought down. Then the world as we know of now began from the Greeks to the present day. It is here that the offspring of the nine rulers are alive in and where the rise of the Titans are coming back to life.

This is where are story begins.

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