Redwood's Asylum for the Insane

Blink once, your dead. Blink twice, run.


3. The Courtyard

They headed down the stairs and out of the double doors. A large pond and fountain sat in the middle with stone benches circling it. Several tables and benches were placed around underneath the weeping willows and apple tree. Several other guards and a few patients wandered around. "It's sad really." Lilly shook her head slowly.

"How so?" Gordon furrowed his prominent eyebrows.

"These people were probably normal like me and you and suddenly something happened and now their locked in rooms talking to themselves and teddy bears." Lilly sighed wistfully.

Kara snorted. "What?" Lilly narrowed her eyes at Kara.

"It's creepy. And they kill people Lilly. Whatever they used to be, they aren't now." Kara sat down at one of the table under a weeping willow.

Gordon sat across from the two girls. "Come on Kara it's creepy, yes, but they're still people." Lilly persuaded.

"No way. People don't try and kill people because a teddy bear told them to." Kara argued.

"So? What about people with mental disabilities? They aren't people either?" Lilly snapped.

"That's different. They were either born that way or developed it over time. Or an accident happened. Their brains are damaged, I guess you could say." Kara retorted.

"First of all, their brains aren't damaged. Secondly, insane people could've become insane just like mentally disabled." Lilly said.

Before Kara could retort again, Mark came and plopped himself next to Gordon. "Hey guys." He chirped.

"Good timing." Gordon grumbled.

"What another one of their arguments?" Mark asked.

Gordon huffed and Mark nodded in understanding. "Forget this Lilly. Mark what did you do?" Kara asked turning toward the blonde.

"Nothing interesting." He paused. "Although I heard a couple nurses talking about someone called Prisoner Z."

Kara, Gordon, and Lilly looked at their friend, puzzled. "Go on." Lilly leaned forward.

Kara rested her chin in her palm as Mark delved further into his story. "One was saying how she had to bring food to the basement and hand it off to some really armored guards. Like, they weren't in bulletproof body suits, oh no. They were in full out steel armor with helmets and guns and high voltage tazers. She asked why they were so protected like that and they said it was classified before entering this passcode in and going down this long hallway leading down."

Lilly stared at Mark while Gordon nodded thoughtfully. Kara rubbed her chin. "I never heard about guards like that, or a hallway in the basement." Kara muttered.

"Exactly! The nurse only got one of them to tell her it was for Prisoner Z!" Mark was practically bouncing off the walls. "Who is Prisoner Z and why doesn't anyone know about them?"

"Must be a special nut case." Gordon mumbled.

Lilly squealed. "This is exciting! A mystery!"

"We are not going to investigate Prisoner Z. If we needed to know, they would've told us." Kara shot down her friends idea.

Lilly pouted, as did Mark. "You're no fun." Mark said.

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