Redwood's Asylum for the Insane

Blink once, your dead. Blink twice, run.


8. Stick Together

The lights had gone out not long ago and Kara, though she hated to admit it, was terrified. She flew through the halls, peering around every corner or door before moving on. She needed to find her friends and fast. She had know idea who Prisoner Z was but if they were dangerous enough to lock down the whole building then Kara had to be careful.

She was on her way to section C, where Mark had said he'd been assigned. She passed doors that were locked and lights shut off, doors where the personnel were hiding. Sadly, Kara had gotten stuck outside of the safe rooms, and apparently so had every other guard. Kara had spoken with a couple guards that had crossed her path, and they had no idea where the safe rooms were or how to get on.

She came to a set of double doors with a sign next to it, indicating she'd reached her destination. She slowly pushed it open and made her way in. She held one pistol up, searching for any movement. Kara walked slowly through, taking care to check every room, in case Mark was there. After venturing father for a good fifteen minutes, Kara came across an ajar door.

She stepped inside, glancing around. Her heart rate sped and she swallowed thickly. A padded room. She only saw a cot and nothing else. Kara glanced around, no one. Shit. She thought.

A patient had gotten out. She turned and ran straight into someone. She screamed and pressed her gun to their head. She felt cold metal against her forehead. "K-Kara?"

Kara blinked open her eyes. "Mark." She sighed with relief and put her gun away.

Mark enveloped her in a hug and said, "I'm so scared Kara. I thought I wouldn't find anyone."

"It's ok. Did Lilly or Gordon say anything about where they were?" Kara asked.

Mark shook his head. There was static and Kara looked down. Her walkie talkie.

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