Redwood's Asylum for the Insane

Blink once, your dead. Blink twice, run.


1. Redwood Asylum

Here you'll find the most insane people, some who aren't really people anymore. They hear whispers in the wall or have multiple personality disorders going to the extreme. Some have the fascination with killing people in odd ways. If the personnel of Redwood Asylum are lucky, they'll get a patient who writes all over the walls muttering to themselves about a math equation with no end. Sometimes the personnel themselves go insane. The patients are kept in their rooms, unless they are harmless enough to wander around with a guard.

Then there's Prisoner Z. Kept in the secret vault room beneath the basement where a winding maze was built. All for that one patient. Only certain people are allowed down there, and they have to have the map and know where the markers are to reach the steel vault. Once they type in the pass code for the lock, they have to go through two more steel doors with keys. She's never been let out and is deemed too dangerous even for the other patients.

Her name is Blinker, she's been there so long no one knows her real name. But that's all it takes for her to kill you. A blink. If you blink twice. Run.

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