Redwood's Asylum for the Insane

Blink once, your dead. Blink twice, run.


2. Kara

Kara blinked as she watched the new guards training in their special room. New recruits. How many guards did one asylum need? She sighed and turned away. She readjusted her bulky, red, and bullet proof body suit. Across her left breast was the tag that read: REDWOOD GUARD. On her waist hung a switchblade, a tazer, two pistols, a flashlight, and a walkie talkie.

All guards had them. She wandered down the halls of the large asylum. Kara couldn't wait until nine'o'clock when she could finally go home. She woke up at twelve and had to work a nine hour day at the asylum. Luckily she was with her best friends, Mark, Gordon, and Lilly. How did she end up here? It was at college actually.

While studying at college to become a doctor, she had to write a paper about something that plagued the country. Her topic? The mentally unstable. Her parents had worked in a psychiatric hospital and sometimes brought Kara with them when they had nowhere else to send her. Now Kara didn't hate the mentally unstable, she just couldn't stand to be around them. They freaked her out.

So when she had to write a paper she chose the mentally unstable, presenting her idea to the professor had turned out ok. Until he said she should go to an asylum and research them instead. "A more interesting topic!" He had declared.

So, she talked to the management of the first asylum she found when she googled searched asylums in the United States. Located not far from her home town, only a mile or so into the forest, she had decided to go there. When Kara got permission to write her paper as she toured the asylum, she hadn't expected it to be so... Big. Redwood Asylum took up almost ten acres. Yes it was that big. It held most of the insane or criminally insane along with thousands of guards and personnel.

The black haired girl with freckles and amber eyes had gotten interested and gotten a job here. Kara trudged down the long way and turned corner. She found her tall lanky friend flirting with an older guard. Lilly turned and smiled at Kara before saying something to the man and leaving. Lilly hugged Kara and tickled her cheeks with her short, curly ginger hair. She drew back and Kara could see her green eyes, accented with green eyeshadow and black eyeliner. "Hey darling." Lilly smiled.

"Hey. Who was that guy?" Kara asked, gesturing toward the man walking away.

"Just some guy." Lilly shrugged.

Kara rolled her eyes. Her friend had a new boyfriend every week. "Seen Mark or Gordon?" Kara asked.

Lilly thought for a moment before answering. "Mark is in section 4b. Gordon is..."

"Right here."

A tall, stocky man walked up to them. He had slicked back black hair and blue eyes. There was a scar over his nose from boxing as a teen. "Hey Gordie." Kara punched his arm playfully.

He grunted. Gordon was a man of few words. Mark was the exact opposite. Short and skinny with wild blonde hair and bright gray eyes. Pale milky skin and a big smile always present. "What did you guys do today besides look for escaped patients?" Lilly asked.

The trio started walking down the hall to the large courtyard in the middle of the building. "Escorted Piper from Room 66F around the asylum." Kara said.

"Piper... Uh, multiple personality disorder?" Lilly asked with a puzzled expression.

"Yeah. Had to make sure whether I was talking to Heather or Piper. Heathers a bitch." Kara laughed.

"You?" Lilly asked the large man.

"Tazered Jack from Room 5A. Attacked the nurse bringing him food."

"Really? You always get the fun ones." Kara pouted.

Gordon shrugged. "Uh... He's the guy who hears voices right?" Lilly guessed.

"Convinced his teddy bear is possessed by a demon who tells him to kill people." Gordon corrected. "Screams nonstop if it's taken away."

"Oh yeah, it made the other patients restless right?" Kara glanced out a window to look at the wide square courtyard.

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