Redwood's Asylum for the Insane

Blink once, your dead. Blink twice, run.


7. In Darkness

Blinker stood and paced in her room. Her plan was going to happen today. But where were the guards? "I need the guards. I need them." She kept muttering.

Finally, she heard the loud groan of the vault. Then the first door. Blinker stepped back. The last door swung open. "Hey-"

A strangled cry left the guards mouth as she impaled his eye with the fork she's been given. Blinker grabbed him in a headlock, choking him. The second guard came running in. "Hey what are you doing?" He yelled and lunged.

Blinker dropped the now dead man and grabbed his tazer. The second guard grabbed his radio. "Help! Prisoner Z is escaping! I repeat Prisoner Z is-"

Blinker tazered him. A maniacal laugh left her mouth as she ran from the cell. Her gray sweatshirt and sweatpants swished as she ran through the long halls. "Freedom!" She cackled.

Her smile died out after twenty minutes of wandering. She kept passing red marks then turning and getting lost. The maze made her scratch her arms, a habit she couldn't kill. 'Maybe the marks lead to where I can get out.' She thought.

Blinker backtracked to the first red mark and started looking for the next one. Soon enough, she reached a stairway that led to a door. Blinker ran up and jiggled the door. Unlocked. With a smile she entered a shorter hallway and walked to the last door.

The serenity was ruined the moment she opened the door. Red lights flashed with loud alarms going. A woman's voice broke through and said, "Prisoner Z has escaped. Proceeding with the lock down. All doors and windows will be locked. All personnel report to safe rooms until further notice. All power shutting down now."

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