Redwood's Asylum for the Insane

Blink once, your dead. Blink twice, run.


10. Dashing Through the Halls

Her breathing was heavy and laborer as she ran. Mark was a few feet ahead of Kara thanks to his longer legs. They'd started toward the courtyard when they'd passed an open room. Mark had glanced in to see what was there, and had screamed. He had grabbed Kara and they had started to run.

Kara didn't know who or what was following them but she heard them. Loud footsteps so close to her and her heart pounded. Kara dared not look back for fear she may be caught. Fortunately, they were getting closer to the stairwell leading to the courtyard. Mark stumbled and glanced back.

Kara managed to get beside him due to his stumble as they continued. "W-Who...?" Kara gasped out.

Mark shook his head and Kara let it drop. Their pursuer shouted and for a second, their footsteps stopped. And Kara made the mistake of looking back. Her eyes widened and her jaw dropped before she screamed. She saw the patients gaping mouth and angry eyes before he hit her and they fell.

Large hands wrapped around her neck and Kara struggled, grabbing his forearms and shaking her body in an effort to throw off her attacker. The attacker's bald head had a scar down the middle of the skull, as though someone had cut it to see the brain. As Kara struggled for breath, she gained enough sense to reach for her tazer. She turned it on and dug it into the mans side.

He shrieked and jerked. She managed to push him off and stood up as he writhed on the ground, gurgling and growling. Kara ran and put her tazer back, flying through the halls. She saw the stairwell and sighed with relief before heading down them into the courtyard. Once standing on the grass, she stopped and caught her breath.

As her adrenaline and heart rate went back to normal, she glanced around and called out, "Lisa! Mark! Are you here?"

For a few seconds, she didn't hear anything. Then, there was a shuffling a few yards away under one of the tables. Mark and Lisa wiggled out from under a table and hurried over. "Kara! I'm so sorry, I was so scared and just kept running." Mark gasped out and hugged her.

Lisa sobbed and grabbed the smaller woman. "Am I glad to see you, a couple times some people walked through and I was so scared."

Kara shakily laughed and forced a smile. "We just need to find Gordon and find a place to stay safe okay?"

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