Living Through It All Every Little Secret

This is my first try at a Vampire Diaries story. I hope you guys like it. :) I don't anything except my OC and any other OC that may show up.


12. Heartbreak & Rape. Which one hurts more?

I spent the next few days locked in my room. No, I didn’t go to my Grams funeral. I may seem like a bitch for not going, but I didn’t really want to be near Bonnie at the moment. If I know her as well as I think I do, then she’ll blame Damon and all vampires associated with him. I’m not like her, but I do blame Damon for this. Elena and Stefan visited me and even tried to get me to leave my room, but I’m too damn stubborn and didn’t budge. Elena even got Jeremy to try, but he failed as well. I finally left the house when Stefan called me about Elena’s birth mother, Isobel. I went to Elena’s, but found out that she wasn’t home, so I stayed with Jeremy, with him begging me to stay.

“I’m sorry about your grandmother.” Jeremy said as we sat on his bed.

“Thanks Jer. I’m handling it better than Bonnie is, I think.” I said back as I laid my head on his shoulder. I really just wanted to be held right now, plus I couldn’t stop thinking about what could happen now that Anna got her mother out of the tomb.

Jeremy and I talked for a while longer before he started typing on his computer. I slipped out without him noticing and headed to the boarding house.

“Damon. Stefan.” I called as I walked into the house. No one said a word, so I continued to look around, hoping to find one of the brothers. I gasped as I was grabbed from behind.

“Mom, what are you doing?” Anna asked as the woman who held me, her mother, I think, dragged me in front of Damon.

“Let her go, Pearl. She has nothing to do with this.” Damon said while trying to reason with Pearl. Her grip around my neck tightened.

I gasped and whimpered, “Damon.”

“Help us and she’ll live.” Pearl demanded.

Damon didn’t get to reply because I was suddenly dropped to the floor. Anna had begged her mother to let me go, and I was thankful for that. I almost screamed when Pearl plunged her thumbs into Damon’s eyes. I waited until she dropped him onto the floor and left before I went over to him.

“What the hell did she want?” I asked as we both sat on the couch. Damon didn’t reply, but just walked out the door, probably to go get drunk.

“What an ass.” I said out loud before I headed home. I showered, changed, and decided to see if Jeremy or Elena wanted to hang out. Jeremy answered the door, but he wasn’t alone. Anna was there as well. They both wanted me to stay, but I couldn’t decide because I didn’t want it to be awkward, but then again, Anna was using Jeremy the night at the tomb, so I finally decided to stay to protect Jeremy. The hang out was pretty boring until I heard Anna ask Jeremy something because he cut his hand. I knew that this wouldn’t end well, so I ran into the kitchen just in time to see Anna drink blood from Jeremy’s hand. We all jumped when Jenna called out to Jeremy. Jeremy talked to her then looked around because Anna ran out of the house. I was glad, but that still made me uneasy because now I would be under fire with Jeremy.

“Why did you do that Jer?” I asked as I helped him clean up his wound.

“I wanted to prove that vampires are real, and I had a hunch that Anna was one.” Jeremy replied which made me scoff.

“That still doesn’t give you the right to just hurt yourself. What if I hadn’t been here? She could’ve killed you.” I spat angrily. Now, normally I wouldn’t lose my temper, but he’s risking his life for some stupid point.

“She wouldn’t have killed me, Ry.” Jeremy said back. I dropped whatever was in my hand and left without a word. I couldn’t handle this anymore tonight, so I went home to relax, but I didn’t get far because I realized that I had walked so I ended up staying the night, once again. I was currently standing in the bathroom listening to Jeremy and Anna talk until Jeremy asked Anna to turn him.  I was shocked to say the least, but it broke my heart. Anna ended up telling me to come out and I did.

“How’s it going?” I asked trying to be nice.  Anna didn’t get to reply because Jeremy started asking all kinds of questions before Elena knocked on his door. I was pretty happy about that, and after all the windows were locked, we all went to bed.

“You’re mad. What’s up?” Jeremy asked as he crashed on his bed next to me.

“You want her to turn you.” I replied sadly as I looked over at him.

“I don’t want to feel like this anymore Ry.” Jeremy said while trying to reason with me, but it didn’t work. I fell asleep and didn’t talk to Jeremy the next morning when we woke up. I decided to hang with Elena, but that was short lived when these two guys attacked me. I woke up to Damon yelling at Pearl to open the door. Some dude answered it and I heard Stefan groan and gasp in pain.

“Where is the girl?” Damon growled and I knew that he meant me.

“Oh. You mean her.” Fredrick stated as I was dragged into the room.

“What the hell is going on?” I gasped as the vampire that held me tightened his grip around my neck.

Nobody answered my question, but I think that I didn’t want to know the answer.

“Stefan!” I yelled as some dude names Billy stabbed Stefan with a stake. This day just got worse because before I knew it, I was being dragged away from Stefan and into some room. I knew that this was going to be hell for me. And I was right because Fredrick came into the room, and guess what, he raped me. That’s right. I was raped, repeatedly. Thank god that it didn’t last long because Damon killed all the vamps in the room.

“Don’t you dare give up on me.” Damon demanded as he carried me out of the room.

“Wouldn’t dream of it.” I replied back hoarsely. Damon handed me over to Alaric, who then took me to the car, where Elena was. After what felt like forever, I was lying on Elena’s bed with her watching over me.

“How long was I out?” I asked.

“Pretty good while, but, uh, Ryleigh, they found Vicki’s body.” Elena replied as she sat next to me. I couldn’t believe that they found her body, but I knew that if Jeremy heard then he would be really upset.

“Does Jeremy know?” I asked.

“Yeah.” was all Elena had to say before she let me go to him.

I walked into Jeremy’s room, walked over to him, and hugged him tight. I whispered soothing words in his ear, and led him to his bed to sleep. I knew that I would have to stay with him, but that was ok. Jeremy snuggled into me and I rubbed his back. We both ended up falling asleep and I prayed that somehow, someway, that he decided not to become a vampire. I won’t know until tomorrow, so I guess this is goodnight.

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