Living Through It All Every Little Secret

This is my first try at a Vampire Diaries story. I hope you guys like it. :) I don't anything except my OC and any other OC that may show up.


9. Getting attacked, again

The next day I woke up to my phone ringing. I glanced at the screen, and saw that it was Tyler.

“Hey Tyler.” I answered as I stepped into the hallway.

“Ryleigh! Thank God you’re ok.” Tyler said back.

“I’m fine Tyler. I’m at Elena’s.” I said and then I heard him sigh.

We talked for a few more minutes, and decided that we would hang out because neither of us were going to the 50s decade dance. I hung up and almost screamed when I turned around and ran into Jeremy.

Jeremy chuckled, but went back into his room. I went back to Elena’s room, changed clothes, and went outside to wait on Tyler. Tyler picked me up and we went back to my house, so I could change into a bathing suit since we were going back to the lake.

“What happened here?” Tyler asked as he noticed my broken coffee table.

“Some asshole tried to attack me, but I took care of him.” I replied with a laugh.

“I’m just glad you’re ok.” Tyler said as we walked up to my room.

“Yeah, me too.” I said back as we entered my room.

As I was going through my drawer, Tyler came up and wrapped his arms around me. I shivered as he kissed my neck, but screamed when I saw Dillon and Aurora standing in my room, through my mirror.

“What the hell do you want?” Tyler growled as he stood in front of me.

“Move boy. We don’t want to hurt you.” Dillon said as he smirked.

“I’m not moving, so either you leave or I’ll make you leave.” Tyler growled back.

Dillon and Aurora laughed at Tyler before attacking us. We fought back and won. Dillon and Aurora ran off before Tyler and I could tie them up.

Tyler was mad, but I was happy that we were both safe. Stefan then called me and told me that some vampire attacked Elena, but she was safe, and that he was making sure that I was ok. I told him I was fine and that he needed to focus on Elena, and that I would see them tomorrow.

“Is everything ok?” Tyler asked as I hung up the phone.

“Yeah Ty. Everything’s fine.” I replied with a small smile.

Tyler smiled back, and we laid on my bed, with him just holding me. I couldn’t stop thinking about why those damn hunters kept coming me. I know that I didn’t do anything to them, so they have to be working for someone who has something against me.



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