Living Through It All Every Little Secret

This is my first try at a Vampire Diaries story. I hope you guys like it. :) I don't anything except my OC and any other OC that may show up.


16. Founder's Day

I woke up the next morning with Tyler not next to me. He left me a note saying that he had to leave early, but he would see me later. I was happy about that, but I wasn’t sure what this made us. I got up, showered, changed, and headed to the parade. I met up with Jeremy while looking for Bonnie, and he told me that we needed to talk about Anna. I agreed and went to watch the parade.

When the floats were being announced, I laughed at Tyler and Jeremy. They were supposed to be soldiers, but Tyler waved at me when he saw me. I waved back and continued to watch the rest of the floats. The parade ended, but the rest of the events continued, and I met up with Jeremy.

“You looked good as a soldier.” I said to him.

“Thanks. Share fries with me.” Jeremy said back.

“Sure.” I said as I sat down.

I watched Jeremy pick at his food before Elena came over and tried to talk to him. He told Elena to go to hell, then got up and left. I went after him and found him talking to Damon and Stefan, but then he walked off again. I went after him, again, but this time, I went alone.

I ended up losing Jeremy in the crowd, so I went to the Grill, and hung out with Tyler, Matt, and Caroline. Tyler was shooting pool, and I was watching him. We were shocked when Mayor Lockwood came in and told us to go home. Tyler finally agreed, and we all headed to Mayor Lockwood’s car. Tyler slung his arm around my shoulders and I leaned into him.

We were driving down the road, when Tyler started screaming in pain. Caroline grabbed the wheel, but it was too late because we crashed into a metal fence. I smacked the back of Caroline’s seat pretty hard, and Matt insisted that I get checked out, which I did, and they told me that I was fine. We watched as they checked on Tyler, and almost jumped out of our skins when he gasped for breath.

“Hey. You’re ok Ty.” I said down to him since I was kneeling next to him. We turned our heads to Caroline as some woman yelled that she needed help, and prayed that she would be ok. I was told that I could go home, so Matt drove me home with Tyler.

“Sorry about losing control like that. I don’t know what happened.” Tyler said as we stood at my door.

“It’s ok Ty. You heard something that bothered your ears. I would’ve done the same thing if it happened to me.” I said back with a small smile.

Matt showed up wanting to talk to Tyler, and I told him to go with Matt to see Caroline. Tyler reluctantly agreed, but told me that he would check on me tomorrow. I was ok with that and watched as Matt drove away. I pray that Caroline is fine because I don’t know what would happen if she wasn’t her perky self.

“Yes Elena.” I said as I answered my phone.

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