That Beautiful Summer

A girl name Skye is only 17 years old. Her dad died 2 years ago and Skye and her mom fought over everything. Skye Carson was the sweetest and smartest girl you could ever meet, before her dad had died in a war. Skye felt like she could never do anything right for her mom, so her mother sent Skye to her aunt that lives in London. She is having quite a summer, but it gets crazier when she meets someone....special.


22. Thinking About You

 Dear Skye,

I saw you walk through that door in the smoothie shop. I sat my eyes on you the whole time I was singing. The way you smiled and laughed those first moments, they were so beautiful. I cant tell you how I really felt, because I could never write it in the words that I wanted to. Hanging out with you for the first time, to dating you, memories. Taking you to Ireland, like you always had dreamed of doing and us running from fans. You probably never expected for me to love you like I have. Your face at the concert was priceless and I cant stop playing you in my mind every night, especially for I go to bed. I look at my phone at 1:00am and no text...from you. I want to cry, I am lost without you. I don't want to be away from you.

Roses are Red

Violets are blue

I love you

and I will never forget you

Love, Niallxxx Horan


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