That Beautiful Summer

A girl name Skye is only 17 years old. Her dad died 2 years ago and Skye and her mom fought over everything. Skye Carson was the sweetest and smartest girl you could ever meet, before her dad had died in a war. Skye felt like she could never do anything right for her mom, so her mother sent Skye to her aunt that lives in London. She is having quite a summer, but it gets crazier when she meets someone....special.


4. Settling In

I got out of the car and pulled my suitcases out of the trunk of the car. "Wow, your house is amazing and so is London!" My Aunt Mara laughed and I did too. "Tomorrow I can drive you around London and some other towns too, for a tour. The United Kingdom Tour!" We both started laughing so hard but I finally made it to her house. Here, they call their houses a flat.


"Skye, your going to have to get used to our ways for the summer." I gave her a look and she sat on the stairs of the front porch. I walked over to her and sat down next to her while I played with my hair. "Well, like what?" I said shrugging and she grinned for a moment. "Well, you can still talk American and be yourself, but use our terms."


I looked at her, and she knew she was going to have to teach me. "First, we call apartments, flats. Bogey is booger. Braces are suspenders. Gobsmacked is shocked. Jumper is a sweater." I smiled weakly as I was still trying to learn. "Don't worry, Skye. You will survive....I promise. Besides its only for the summer."


She kissed my head as I opened the screen door and walked inside. I walked into the kitchen and I grabbed a glass of water with ice in it. I gulped it down and went back into the living room for my bags and I walked up the stairs. I stopped and walked back down. "Aunt Mara?" I asked and she popped her head up quickly. "Thank you, for everything." I said and she smiled.

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