That Beautiful Summer

A girl name Skye is only 17 years old. Her dad died 2 years ago and Skye and her mom fought over everything. Skye Carson was the sweetest and smartest girl you could ever meet, before her dad had died in a war. Skye felt like she could never do anything right for her mom, so her mother sent Skye to her aunt that lives in London. She is having quite a summer, but it gets crazier when she meets someone....special.


1. Packing

I looked at the picture of me and my dad, the last picture we had taken together before he went to war. "Skye, it's almost time to go, your going to miss your flight to London." My mom said and I stuffed the picture into my suitcase. "Alright, I will be down in a minute." I said I finished my first suitcase.


"Don't forget your text books! Take some extra clothes, just in case!" Mom said as she hollered from down the hall. My mom was sending me to London for the summer so we could take a break. It was really hard for the both of us after know. I am staying with my aunt I have heard so much about her from mom.


"Well if you don't like Aunt Mara, then why are you letting me stay with her for a whole summer?" I asked when I was fixing my cereal the other morning, but mother just sighed. "Alright Skye, me and my sister cant stand each other....ever. After your grandma died, we fought over her things and everything and we decided not to talk to each other anymore."

{Ends Flashback}

I thought that was so stupid. That's the best reason I have ever heard of....not really. I finished up my packing and took my suitcases downstairs. I cant believe my mom is letting me fly to London on my own. That is crazy to think of that, especially without dad helping her make the choice of letting me go. We drove to the airport and no words was said....the whole time.

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