That Beautiful Summer

A girl name Skye is only 17 years old. Her dad died 2 years ago and Skye and her mom fought over everything. Skye Carson was the sweetest and smartest girl you could ever meet, before her dad had died in a war. Skye felt like she could never do anything right for her mom, so her mother sent Skye to her aunt that lives in London. She is having quite a summer, but it gets crazier when she meets someone....special.


10. I....Love You

We rode to the London Bridge and stood at the top of it looking out into the water. "Welcome to London." Harry said pointing out to the rest of the city. "It's....beautiful guys." I was speechless at the view of what I was seeing. "Maybe someday I can show you Ireland, Skye." Niall said and smiled. "I would like that.... a lot." I smiled and I could tell Harry was a little hurt. "But its not the end of the world, we have as long as life lets us to see the beautiful world." I kissed Niall and Harry's cheek. Zayn, Louis and Liam could tell I had a crush on both.


"So...what is tomorrows plan?" Louis said and we looked over the water again. We sat on the bridge with our legs dangling over. "To reach the stars and beyond the galaxy, boys." Liam said and everyone put their arms on each other's backs. "Me and Niall have something to tell you, in front of the boys." Harry said I gulped at what was coming. "Your first, Ni." Harry said and I we looked into each other's eyes.


"Skye, when I had first met you, you weren't like any other girl. Probably because you were not a directioner yet." I started to laugh and tears started building up in my eyes. "You shouldn't change for anybody because you are perfect the way you are. Your perfect to me, 'my perfection and mirror. The other half of me...', I love you." Niall started singing and stopped. He saw a tear escape from my eye and wiped it.


"Alright, its your turn, Harry." Louis said. "You remind me of a flower, that is a late bloomer on a tree....a cherry blossom. You grow and grow and you blossom over time. Skye, your beautiful and perfect in everyway. But you cant be complete without the tree. I love you also. Me and Niall both have crushes on you already and....". I started to cry and laugh but all the boys came close to hug me.


"After my dad died, everyone tried to comfort me. Nothing worked, flowers, invitations to parties. This is probably the most love and support along with hope that I have felt since then. Thank you, I love you both too. I also have crushes on the both of you." Niall and Harry both kissed me. They knew that I couldn't love them both, so I would just only have to pick one. It would hurt me to see one boy feel upset while the other is happy, it would break my heart. I had to pick one.

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