That Beautiful Summer

A girl name Skye is only 17 years old. Her dad died 2 years ago and Skye and her mom fought over everything. Skye Carson was the sweetest and smartest girl you could ever meet, before her dad had died in a war. Skye felt like she could never do anything right for her mom, so her mother sent Skye to her aunt that lives in London. She is having quite a summer, but it gets crazier when she meets someone....special.


3. Airport in London

I got off the plane and there were teenage girls screaming for their lives. I saw my aunt and I ran to hug her. "Hey aunt Mara. Why are all these girls screaming so much?" My aunt laughed. "You know how most of One Direction is from here?" I nodded. "Well One Direction is coming home today and all of their fans are so excited."


I never really cared for One Direction much. I shrugged and we walked towards the exit until a girl screamed at the top of her lungs. "THEY'RE HERE!" One Direction appeared from the plane and every girl was going crazy. Niall, Liam, Zayn, Louis and Harry all came running through with their suitcases.


I smiled because I like it when people are happy. My aunt kept pulling me towards the car. When we had finally got in the car my aunt smiled. "Oh Skye, its been 13 years since I had last seen you. How old are you now?" She asked and I held onto my phone very tightly. "I am 17."


We rode home and I guess One Direction has changed. Better singing, more fans, less school, cuter. Oh no....I like THE One Direction. This isn't good for me, now I am changing too! Your an average American girl, Skye. You can live without 1D for a whole can do it.

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