The Haunting Of StoneWay Manor

StoneWay Manor was once a bright, happy place with lots of rooms where lots of people would stay. Well it was bright and happy until Tracy Vondet was murdered in room 99 the very last room in the manor it was up on the tower all alone. They never found out the murderer but people say she still haunts the manor and that you can hear her scream in the dead of the night.


3. Secrets Behind

"Oh my gosh." Rachel said "We have to go tell the others."

"Let's go." Quinn said.

They walked to the door but found it locked they tried unlocking it but the lock was stuck. "Now what?" Rachel asked.

"Maybe we can find more books on this subject let's go look." Quinn replied.

They pulled out a book and found what looked like a button behind it. Quinn pushed it and the bookcase moved aside revealing a door. Rachel looked at Quinn with a scared look on her face and Quinn bravely opened the door revealing a wooden staircase. The girls looked at each other and nodded they started down the steps.

The door closed behind them and when they tried to open it they found it locked. They both couldn't speak out of fear. They continued down the steps. There were lamps here and there. They reached a landing with another door to the right. Rachel quickly opened it and they saw a brightly lit stone room with chairs and one couch in it. They walked in and lifted up the skirt of the couch and there was a Skelton with a note on it beneath it. They both screamed really loud. Quinn grabbed the note and quickly let the skirt fall.

She read the note out loud, "So I see you've found the Skelton of Tracy Vondet. Nice job! Yet I doubt you'll ever find out who I am and why I murdered poor Tracy Vondet. I guess it'll remain a mystery. -Murderer of Tracy Vondet"

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