The Haunting Of StoneWay Manor

StoneWay Manor was once a bright, happy place with lots of rooms where lots of people would stay. Well it was bright and happy until Tracy Vondet was murdered in room 99 the very last room in the manor it was up on the tower all alone. They never found out the murderer but people say she still haunts the manor and that you can hear her scream in the dead of the night.


1. Arriving

Quinn and her friends, Sara, Sophie, Rachel, Noah, Ryan, and Sam were walking up the pathway to StoneWay Manor where they would stay 3 weeks. Quinn raised her hand and knocked the door instantly flew open. The small room was empty. They walked into the hallway where they found the servants waiting.

"Hello" said Ryan "we're the people that are staying here for 3 weeks."

One of the servants stepped forward and spoke, "Hilda will show you to your rooms. Benard will take your bags up."

They all followed Hilda and Benard went a different way. Finally they reached the second to last floor.

"You will all have a roommate." Hilda said. "Two of you will have to sleep in room 99 who will that be?"

They all looked at each other "I'll go." Quinn said.

"I'll go with her." Rachel said.

All the bags were up there so everyone took theirs and went to they're rooms. Quinn and Rachel headed to the last floor it was all one room.

They put down their bags and started to examine the room. There was 2 beds 1 huge closet a bathroom a living room a kitchen and a deck. There was a total of 10 windows they opened 2 of them for air. They opened the closet and found a small book shelf with 3 shelves each holding 11 books. Quinn pulled one out and read the back.

"Rachel come here." Quinn said urgently.

"What is it?" Rachel asked while walking over.

"This book is the story of this manor. A story about a murder in this very room."

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