Ugly Heart // N.G. & C.D.


5. 4.

Lexi's POV


"What about this?" I asked and showed Adrienne a frilly turquoise dress that was knee-length. She shook her head. 

"What about this?" I showed her a floral dress. She shook her head again.

"Ugh, I have nothing to wear. Please help?" I pleaded. Adrienne jumped up from my bed and walked over to my wardrobe. 

"You were right. You don't have anything to wear." She said.

"So what will I wear?" I said getting impatient. 

"I'll go home and get something for you from my wardrobe." She suggested.

"Okay. Just don't bring back anything slutty." I agreed.

"I'll be back soon I promise." She said leaving to pick something up at her house. I waited for 5 minutes for Adrienne to come back. She came back soon enough. I opened the door for her because her hands were full.

"Let's see what you brought me!" I said faking a smile. I was really dreading to see what she had brought.

"How about this?" She asked taking out a long red silky dress.

"Too classy. It's nice though." I said. I sounded kinda rude.

"I think this would look amazing on you!" She said taking out a short black dress.

"Um... I'm not too sure."

"Trust me it'll look great on you. I know you said nothing slutty or anything but it's really nice when you put it on." She persuaded me to try it on so I went to put it on. I looked in the mirror and I looked completely different. I went downstairs to show Adrienne the dress that I was now starting to like.

"Wow, see, I told you!" She said.

"You look very pretty, Lexi!" Taylor exclaimed. 

"Thank you guys!" I said.

"Are you sure you don't mind babysitting?" I asked. Just making sure.

"It's no problem at all. Now do something with this." She replied waving her hands in my face in a circular motion. I laughed a little and went upstairs to get my make-up. I took it downstairs to give to Adrienne. She did my hair and make-up and I checked the time. 6:55pm.

"Will you be a good girl for Adrienne?" I asked Taylor.

"Yep!" She replied excitedly. The doorbell rang which kinda made me jump. I got up to open the door. I saw Nash looking extremely good-looking in a suit and tie. He had a beautiful bouquet of red roses.

"Wow, you look stunning!" He said looking up and down at me.

"You don't look too bad yourself!" I giggled a little. He handed me the roses and I gave them to Adrienne to put in a vase.

"Shall we go?" He said extending his arm.

"We shall." I replied. I put my fingers on his bicep. His strong, hard bicep.

"Goodbye girls!" I called.

"Bye! Have fun guys!" They called back.

"So where are we going?" I asked. 

"That remains to be seen." He replied. 

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