Ugly Heart // N.G. & C.D.


3. 2.

Lexi's POV

I finished talking to Leah's mum and Adrienne's little sister, Jody, along with his parents and cousins arrived.

"Hi, you must be Lexi. I'm Elizabeth and this is Nash," she said pointing at Nash. Nash waved so I waved back. He was quite hot.

"And this is Hayes," she said pointing at Hayes.

"Hello Hayes!" Hayes, as I suppose, is quite hyper a lot because he, with no warning, hugged me so hard I nearly fell over.

"And this is Skylynn." She finished pointing at the little girl.

"You're so cute!" I said.

"Thanks." Hayes smirked. Everyone laughed.

"Taylor is in the living room if you want to go and play." I smiled. They all went to the living room to say hello to Taylor. I went to the kitchen to find Adrienne. She had her head in the fridge, as usual.

"Hey Adrienne! You never said your cousin was that hot!" I whispered, ensuring nobody can hear me, apart from Adrienne.

"He's not." She replied simply. Is she alright?

"What?! Never mind. What are you doing anyway?" I was curious.

"I'm trying to find some icing. For the cake."

"What?" I was now confused.

"The cake you got may have fell... But don't worry I made another one." She said guiltily.

"Don't worry about it. As long as Taylor's happy I'm happy." I said.

"Um... excuse me? Sorry. Where's the bathroom?" Hayes asked. He had glitter all over his face.

"Upstairs, second door on the right." I smiled.

"Thanks, you're an angel." He said. I grabbed a doughnut and hovered it over my head.

"I know." I giggled.

"I'm gonna go see how the kids are." I said and headed towards the living room. All of the girls were playing princesses and horses.

"Hey everyone, how about we go up to my room and watch a movie. Which one shall we watch?" I asked.

"FROZEN!" All of the kids shouted at the same time.

"Frozen it is then. I'll go upstairs and get everything ready while you guys wait down here. Sound good?"

"Yay!" They all shouted. I told Adrienne to come help me. We went upstairs and built a huge fort full of cushions and stuff. I put the DVD in the DVD player and pressed pause.

"Who wants to watch Frozen?" I called from upstairs.  Then, a load if kids started running upstairs to my bedroom. I went downstairs to get the cake ready.

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