Ugly Heart // N.G. & C.D.


1. Prologue

Lexi's POV

"GET DOWN HERE RIGHT NOW!" shouted my dad, Robert, from downstairs. I hated him so badly. What have I done wrong this time? I sighed and went downstairs to see what was wrong with that monster.

"Yes?" I said, my voice clearly nervous. He had a knife in his hand.

"Don't be such a wimp and come over here, NOW!" he shouted.

"Daddy, I..." My four year old sister Taylor said coming down the stairs but she froze when she saw the knife in Rob's hand.

"Taylor, what are you doing? You should be asleep." I said walking over to her. At least I got away from him.

"I can't sleep. Can you read me a bedtime story?" She asked me.

"Of course." I smiled. I looked at Rob and he mouthed 'I'm not finished with you'. That scared me. I went upstairs to Taylor's bedroom which was full of teddy bears and princesses and horses and everything girly.

"Which one would you like me to read?" I asked.

"This one." She said handing me her favourite book. 'Once upon a time there was a beautiful girl called Ella'... 'The End' I finished the book and I was about to leave her room but she said,

"Why did Daddy have a knife in his hand? You looked scared."

"Do you love Daddy?" I asked.

"Well... he's never here for me. He always forgets my birthday and yours too. But he is my dad." a tear rolled down her face. The reason he always forgets our birthdays is because he's always drunk.

"Lexi?" Taylor asked.

"Yes?" "Do you think he loves me?" She asked. Her blue eyes were sparkling.

"Honestly, I think he only loves himself." I replied. Her face fell. Ever since Mom died she has always felt lost or lonely.

"See you in the morning. Good night." She said as she drifted off to sleep. I went downstairs because I knew that if I hadn't Rob wouldn't be a happy bunny in the morning.

"Nice to see you have returned." He said with a devious smirk plastered across his face. I wasn't in the mood for his stupid games.

"Is Taylor asleep?" He asked.

"Yes." I said sharply.

"There's no need to be such a bitch!" He said pushing me against the wall with the blade of the knife against my neck. I struggled to breathe.

"Now, why don't you stop being a bitch and I'll let you go." He let me go and I nearly choked as I tried to breathe.

"I hope you know that Taylor hates you. She's upset that you never remember her birthday. And she knows why." I said. Rob didn't like what I said and took the blade back to my neck.

"What did you just say?" He asked angrily.

"Everyone... hates... you. Go and rot in hell!" I managed to say.

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