Saving Blaze

No one thought that little dog would make it. How could he pull through with 75% of his body covered in 3rd degree burns? Yet, he pushed. He didn't want to die. He wanted to live. This is the story of Blaze.


1. Chapter 1

I hear footsteps. I open my eyes to see Jonah. I look more carefully to see he has his uniform on. I quickly pop up."Jonah, what are you doing here? You are suppose to be at work." I say, surprised at his presence.

His face shows concern." I am. I have something to show you, actually." He said quietly. Jonah was always quiet, so I didn't think it was anything abnormal. I got out of bed and followed Jonah to the main room of his apartment.

Just when I was thinking about how sexy he was in his firefighter uniform, I saw more firefighters." Are we having a party or something?" I chuckle, not realizing the severity of the situation.

"No, Ash." Jonah stepped aside and then I saw it. There was a severely burnt dead dog on the table."Got this guy out of a burning building. He has third degree burns covering about 75% of his body. All the vets were closed. We figured you'd be our best bet."

Never before had I seen anything like this before. I was in vet school in California. I was in my senior and worked as a vet tech, assisting at the school's office, racetracks, and other office's. I had seen lots of bad cases, but never one this bad. The dog whimpered and I grabbed my vet bag which I brought nearly everywhere with me."Off first glance, euthanization would prob-" I stopped dead in my tracks when the dog lifted his head off the table and glanced back at me.

"Forget my thought." I quickly ran over to him and started examining him. " The burns are everywhere. Not to mention he is skinny, is covered in ticks, and probably has lung problems. How long was it into the fire did you find him?"

"He collapsed at my feet about a half an hour in." Jonah answered.

"The smoke is probably the reason he can't breathe well. I'll do what I can." I looked at him. He glanced at me and gave a sigh. I could not let him die. He had the look in his eye that Rebel, my dog had in the shelter. If this dog was to die, he wanted to die naturally. And I would try to save him, but if I couldn't, he would die his way, on his time. I promised myself, and him, that.

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