A House Elfs Power

So, if you think about it ( according to the books ) the elder wand is In Dumbledores tomb, the resurrection stone is on the forest floor and Harry's invisibility cloak still belongs to him. Winky the elf learns about the power of these amazing things from her friends, so sets out on a quest to rediscover them just out of curiosity and a longing for adventure .... But power can kill innocence...
Written from Winky's point of view


2. The Search

"We don't mean to harm you but we need your help ," said the somber looking male figure

"Why would such a thing as you need help f-from Winky, sir?" I said crouching down,..

" you see our son was in here many years ago doing great things, giving his life to save countless others. We had died when he was a baby so he summoned us and a few more of his lost companions to be with him- through that very stone you are holding," explained the woman

Winky had not realised she was holding the...resurrection stone!

"But the thing is," the woman continued " he seems to have forgotten that only he can let us go back to where we belong- not the land of the living. While we are trapped here as ghosts of our deceased selves, we can never fully be where we belong. It had taken years for anyone to approach us and we can't leave this forest whilst the stone is on the border," the woman was staring at Winky now, with a look of despair...

"Would you be brave enough to take our son, Harry Potter, to this spot so he can send us back?" Begged the man "I am sure he would repay you greatly,"

"Well Winky would so dearly love to help and Harry Potter does have something Winky would love to see....."

***** a/n this is far from finished but I published it to see wether people liked it or not. I will keep adding to it as I am excited to see what will happen! But revision is torture so it will be bits at a time! Thank you for reading and please comment!******

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