A House Elfs Power

So, if you think about it ( according to the books ) the elder wand is In Dumbledores tomb, the resurrection stone is on the forest floor and Harry's invisibility cloak still belongs to him. Winky the elf learns about the power of these amazing things from her friends, so sets out on a quest to rediscover them just out of curiosity and a longing for adventure .... But power can kill innocence...
Written from Winky's point of view


1. The Mysterious Stone

Winky has always been a good elf. Winky was of course so sad when she let her family down and when Master Barty went and escaped from Winky. That was all Winky's fault.... Bad WINKY! No but Winky is a much better elf now and I clean and cook and when Mistress McGonagall took over my Hogwarts I was very good to her. Winky was inspired by dear Dobby and wanted adventure... Just imagine Winky adventuring!

So when all of my elf friends were gossiping ( GOSSIPING !) in the kitchens, instead of crying like the old Winky would have... I was... Naughty! Winky listened to the gossip instead and found out the most amazing things. About the Deathly Hallows. Everyone but Winky seemed to know that Mr Harry Potter had one of them- something called an invisibility cloak. Mr Dumbledore used to have one called an elder wand which has caused a rumour about it being in his tomb. Such a great wizard was Mr Dumbledore... And the last is nowhere to be found apparently... The resurrection stone..... Imagine Winky bringing Master Barty and Mr Barty back from the... The dead !if you own all of these then you will have power beyond belief!

Anyway even though Winky was very curious about these great things , Winky just went back to her wonderful job and didn't give them a second thought. That is until wandering through the haunted forbidden forest one day....

It hadn't always been haunted but since He Who Must Not Be Named was killed, people have seen other peoples- ghostly peoples- wandering through, whispering. Winky only went in to get some fresh air... And only on the edge of the smoky black trees. But Winky stumbled across an odd, ebony, cracked stone which had whisps of mist swirling from it. In no time at all, a ghost of a youngish man and a woman were floating in front of me, looking in the depths if despair, before Winky could run away screaming like I was about to, one called out to me.

"Do not run, please!" Pleaded the woman

Winky did not know what to do so just stood there, gaping up at The figures towering above her

" what... What d-do you w-want from m-me???" I whimpered

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