A House Elfs Power

So, if you think about it ( according to the books ) the elder wand is In Dumbledores tomb, the resurrection stone is on the forest floor and Harry's invisibility cloak still belongs to him. Winky the elf learns about the power of these amazing things from her friends, so sets out on a quest to rediscover them just out of curiosity and a longing for adventure .... But power can kill innocence...
Written from Winky's point of view


3. The Beginning

So off Winky went. I kindly asked Mistress McGonagall for a knew tea cosy hat and a basket of food, and she happily obliged. I had been told by the ghostly persons that Mr Harry Potter was living in number twelve Grimmauld Place, the home of Kreacher, a sick elf that Winky had never met but had heard bad things of. Rumours are however, that he changed, so entering his house wasn't too tricky.

As Winky skipped out of her dear Hogwarts, to Hogsmeade, so I could explore before my journey,I stumbled upon a piece of broken gate that by itself should have told me something was wrong, but Winky kept walking... Oblivious to the grim stalking behind her....

**** authors note: sorry it's a short one! I will keep updating when I can! Isabella x ******

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