the floods

Jake is the average farm boy who loves his dog bobbie. when bobbie leaves the house there will be know coming back for jake and bobbie and they have to survive homeless in the scary time of the flooding


6. The start of the Journey

I walked down the stairs and Bobbie greeted me at the bottom. I looked at him and decided i would have to bring him along. Bobbie bounded around and barked at me. The rain had started again. I looked down and picked up my school bag. The contents spilled on the floor and i replaced math and science book with dog food and a blanket. After that i walked to the stables. Luke nickered a greeting and i stroked his head. I got one of the pick-nick baskets in the stable and put a horse blanket inside. Placing it on the floor i went to get the saddle and tack. Luke looked strong and fast and ready to go as i saddled him. "Bobbie in the basket we are going"I shouted. Bobbie jumped into the basket and i picked up the handle tying it secure to the saddle. The steps scraped the concreted ground and hay as i pulled on them bringing them closer to Luke. I walked up the steps and onto Luke's back. "lets go boy" i said "remember though Jake there is no going back". I spurred Luke into a gallop and the 3 of us went over the fence heading to a place I do not know about. 

I let Luke me and Bobbie to where ever he wanted just making sure we didn't go onto the road. Fiddling in my pocket i brought out a chocolate bar. I had brought 15 bars with me but only 2 were accessible for the journey. The chocolate snapped in half and i slowly munched my way through the half that i was eating. The sun started to set casting a red like blood of colors towards me I surfaced the memory of the faces asleep. Why couldn't i admit that they were who they were, why am i keeping it a secret to myself. 'They are dead' i said to myself, "they are dead" i spoke,"My parents are dead why are my parents dead!" I screamed at the top of my voice. We galloped into a nearby forest and Luke slowed to a walk. I slid off the saddle and tied Luke to a tree. Bobbie scrambled out and I let him run around sniffing everything he could find. Grabbing some sticks i started a small fire with a lighter i had found and found a place where my memories wouldn't haunt me and fell asleep. 

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