the floods

Jake is the average farm boy who loves his dog bobbie. when bobbie leaves the house there will be know coming back for jake and bobbie and they have to survive homeless in the scary time of the flooding


5. The end of my life

I stood staring in silence. The birds had stopped singing in answer for my sadness. Bobbie went through and i supported the beam enough so i could stand and look. There faces looked so peaceful as the lay there in the mud and hay. Bobbie licked there faces and then ran out. I moved the beam slowly round and placed it onto the ground. I turned away hoping this was all a nightmare but it wasn't. It was now my reality. I rushed back into the house and slammed the back door shut. Sobbing i collapsed onto a chair. Bobbie came up to me and looked wondering whats wrong. I shooed him away and he went and sat on his bed. I wondered what happened to Mark, Annabel, Daisy and luke. The horse that died in the stable was Anna she wasn't the stallion that i thought. She was just a regular horse black and with a white patch on one side. Luke was the Stallion. He was powerful, fast, and had a sleek black coat with a star on his forehead. I looked around at the now empty house, lifeless. The tears still ran down my face as i stood up and walked over to the kitchen. I snooped around in the fridge and found some food that i could cook easily. The oven turned on and the warm heat attacked my face. Looking up i grabbed the food and quickly put it in the oven and ceased the attack. 

Waiting for the food to cook was horrible. I sat at the table re-thinking everything that had happened in the last 2 hours. From getting off a bus after a normal boring day of school and then this happening. Everything around me swirled and i felt dizzy with the thought. To help stop the dizziness i picked up my book and read. James was getting ready with another group of people to do something and Kyle was helping someone. I didn't exactly keep on the task of reading as my mind floated to the image of the peaceful faces looking like they were in a deep sleep. The timer went off and I walked over to the oven. Pulling out the tray of food onto the cooker on top. I stared down into the blackness and saw my reflection. How long would i dare to look again. I golfed my meal down and left a note on the table in-case anyone came. I also duplicated the same note and put it on each door. I ran upstairs and walked into my parents bedroom. Grabbing a suitcase from the wardrobe they had. I put my hand on the door knob and looked around. Will i ever see this room again. I took a mental picture in my head and stuffed it down as a long lasting memory. I calmly walked into my bedroom and packed everything i could. some clothes, some entertaining things and a picture of my family and all the animals on our farm. Looking around i thought of so many other things i want to pack but i had got all i needed and was ready to go except how could i get there and what about Bobbie. 

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