the floods

Jake is the average farm boy who loves his dog bobbie. when bobbie leaves the house there will be know coming back for jake and bobbie and they have to survive homeless in the scary time of the flooding


3. Another normal day

The rest of the bus journey went quite quickly and by the time we got to school i had read 36 pages. All of my friends and i got off. Emma, Marcus and Zachary went to room y74. Anna and Lucy went to room y77. Jake, Danielle, Robert and me went to room y76. Each room contained a different class but all the rooms were on the same floor so it didn't make a big difference, I walked up to my locker and typed in the pin. It opened with a ping, I looked at my timetable:









'P.E' I thought to myself.  ' Do they expect us to run around a track whilst it is raining.'                  I packed my bag and headed of into the classroom. It was quite noisy.                                          I went and joined Jake and Robert who sat at a desk in the corner. hundreds of books were layed out in front of them while they did there homework. 

The school bell rang and they packed up. Mrs.draplet our form tutor was a kind tutor but if you stepped out of line she was shouting at you before you even knew it.

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